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“Only the inspector saw that something was wrong…”

“After I received my inspection certificate, I took it to the inspection post to ask for an explanation,” Albert Neyens from Maaseik told Het Belang Van Limburg. “According to one inspector, it could be an incorrectly positioned screw, according to another, a letter that could be crooked, making the plate difficult to read”. But the man sees nothing that could interfere with the reading of his plate. “Only the inspector saw that something was wrong. »

For the inspector, the license plate was not regulatory because of the letters “HP” indicated at the top left of the plate. This is an unapproved brand name. Since Albert was obviously unaware, the inspector sent a simple warning asking that the problem be fixed for the next time.

This news came as a huge surprise to Albert, who had already had his car checked five times before with this plate. “Why do I have to buy a new one, to replace a plate that has already passed five tests without any problems? Have I put my traveling companions at risk during all these years? I do not think so. »

In 2012, the reproduction of license plates was regulated: only companies that have requested and obtained a certificate from the Directorate General for Mobility and Road Safety can distribute license plates. The identification mark must be colorless or light gray, but legible and located in the upper left corner. Albert’s plate does not meet this form requirement.

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