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Only those who go for food or medicine can go out in the car

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The Governor of the state of Querétaro, Francisco Domínguez Servién, announced a series of measures to reinforce the prevention of infections against the Covid coronavirus19, including toughening against vehicular restriction.

In a message broadcast on social networks, the president specified that this measure intends that from this day until April 30, there will be “we will increase the measures to restrict transit of non-essential activities decreed by the federal government.”

“The exception will be those people who have the need to go out for food or medicine. It will be a measure that we will implement from now on, hardening it as necessary. ”

The state president requested the cooperation of the 18 municipal presidents who make up the entity to comply with the measure, although he did not specify what sanction will be applied to those who fail to comply.

Domínguez Servién also announced the implementation of economic support measures for the informal sector population that was left without income and has economic dependents, for whom it opened 1,300 temporary jobs under the figure of Citizen Watchers, who will have support for two months 1,500 pesos a week. This scheme will be coordinated by the Ministry of Citizen Security.

In addition, house-to-house food supports will be provided to families classified as vulnerable. The state Social Development Secretariat will be responsible for this scheme.


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