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Opel Experimental tells the future of the brand. 3 Exclusive novelties of the Concept!

The concept that tells and shows the future of the brand. Here are all the surprises of Opel Experimental…

A concept car to tell what will be of the great brand tedesco home Stellar… Often telling what are the plans for the future, especially when these are not yet fully outlined, is not the easiest thing in the world. In these cases, in fact, there is a need for great imagination and mastery in demonstrating facts, concepts and objectives. But above all, to make the plans for the future even clearer, it is necessary to have an image to which to cling one’s own words and to which those attending the aforementioned presentation can also cling. Had, often this is not possible, but luckily this time we have Opel Experimental!

So here is the prototype which encloses, tells but above all shows what will become of brand of Ruesselsheim. Everything, or almost everything, is present in this super futuristic project and to say the least visionary. And as she admits herself agency German: “Opel Experimental offers an overview of the future of the brand”. And here’s what the view looks like…

A concept to tell the brand’s ambitious projects, Opel Experimental is a true vision of futurism!

“Opel Experimental marks the beginning of a new chapter for our brand. It was designed to provide a tangible insight into the direction the Opel brand is taking. We will reveal more details soon, so stay tuned.” Words from Opel CEO Florian Huettl.

A concept for the future, this is the path that the German brand wanted to take to present the next few years, hopefully, of great commercial and non-commercial successes. Opel, in fact, already in recent years has declared with very specific moves that it wants to be one of the leading brands in this great evolution that is about to overturn the entire automotive sector; indeed, to be even more precise, mobility is everything.

It therefore began with a classic aesthetic restyling and not only of the four-wheel models in the range, with ever more frequent adoption of green engines; and to be honest when you finish you do not know. Especially now that the Opel Experimental, the super exclusive prototype of a coupe crossover, has been presented, the path towards the future of the brand appears endless, but above all super exciting.

With just one project, Opel risks checkmate. Indeed, Experimental offers a clear vision of where the Opel brand will go in the coming years. The prototype in question embodies all the salient points of the next path of the Rüsselsheim signature; that is cutting-edge aerodynamic efficiency, a spacious and lighted interior with lightweight seats and superior head-up displays. But that’s not all, huh…

“Our new Opel Experimental offers a more extreme interpretation of our Bold and Pure design philosophy,” said Mark Adams, Vice President Design at Opel. It shapes our vision of the future. Many of the elements of its design and the mindset behind it will be visible in future production vehicles. The exterior design offers optimized aerodynamic performance in combination with a stunning silhouette, while the interior offers an immersive and exciting user action”.

Finally, the battery-electric crossover in question will be presented for the preceding ever at the annual IAA Mobility in Munich (September 5-10, 2023), where it will surely attract attention and give the public access to the vision of Opel for sustainable mobility. And at this point, there’s nothing left to do but discover what are the most exclusive innovations brought, and represented, precisely by this concept car.

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An exclusive BEV platform of Stellantis origin that wants to conquer the future of electric motoring

When it comes to a new car, or as in this case a new prototype, now more than ever it is better to start with the platform; element that becomes more and more fundamental with the definitive arrival of the electric. Therefore, Opel Experimental was born on a state-of-the-art Stellantis BEV platform, which obviously allows for a completely electric nature, even if we are not talking about engines or batteries, and is also able to grant other specifications not only of technical origin /mechanics.

The base in question, in fact, guarantees an overall proportionate and refined livery, a streamlined profile, sharp and muscular wheel arches and fully integrated 180° cameras on the C-pillars that take the place of the traditional rear-view mirrors.

The security guaranteed by this prototype is simply another level, it leaves you speechless!

Another topic, much felt these days, in which Opel literally wants to excel, is that of safety. Precisely for this reason Experimental was created using intelligent solutions, to be a sort of safe on four wheels. The concept in question, in fact, is equipped with advanced technologies such as sensors, LiDAR, radar and camera systems capable of literally keeping everything under control.

Furthermore, the tires were developed in collaboration with Goodyear; these are made from recycled rubber and rest on 3-zone Ronal rims with an active function to further increase aerodynamic efficiency.

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At the wheel of future German models, the motorist will find himself the real protagonist

A lot of attention also to what will become the real driving sensation of the next Opel cars in the near future. In this case, in fact, a unique approach was chosen for the creation of the interiors. And all this was made possible by the liberation of space (space detox) inside the Opel Experimental; the steering wheel is able to fold away when not needed, while the lightweight adaptive seats combine a slim but strong structure with fabrics with 3D mesh technology, these are able to guarantee exceptional seating comfort.

Furthermore, the detox approach continues with the Pure action. Drivers can tailor the information to their needs on the slim Tech Bridge, a new interpretation of the Pure Panel seen in current Opel models. And no more conventional screens; here information and entertainment are presented using augmented projection technology supported by artificial intelligence and natural voice control.

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