Opel Mokka X GLP: a champion in consumption and autonomy


AutoGas is the most used alternative fuel in the world, with 26 million vehicles circulating around the world, some 15 million in Europe and more than 70,000 in Spain. Compared to other fuels, the AutoGas offers ecological, economic, autonomy and user benefits, since the price of AutoGas is approximately 50% cheaper than gasoline, which translates into savings of up to 40% .

This, and the possibility of circulating in large cities when pollution protocols are activated, and even by restricted areas such as Central Madrid, since LPG vehicles have the ECO label of the DGT, do that, added to a competitive price , have become a very good alternative especially to diesel, but also to gasoline cars.

To prove this, we have tested one of the vehicles that adds several of the keys to be successful at present, the Opel Mokka X of GLP. It is a medium-sized SUV, the most fashionable segment, has a fairly "tight" price, around 21,000 euros, ability to travel with four or five people and their luggage, and also leaves a Spanish factory.

Because it is the PSA plant in Figueruelas (Zaragoza) that installs the LPG equipment in the Corsa and the Mokka X in the manufacturing process itself, the two models that it manufactures in Spain, with engineering made by Plant engineers, being the only factory in Spain that produces AutoGas vehicles. The Zaragoza plant has already exceeded the production of 100,000 units of AutoGas vehicles.

In practice, the Mokka X of LPG does not differ in almost anything from its brother of gasoline and diesel, except in the emissions, the economy of use and the very great autonomy. During our test, more than a week with included bridge, we got to travel more than 1,000 kilometers, combining urban routes with highway and national highway, with their corresponding mountain passes, without having to refuel at any time. What's more, when we returned the vehicle we still had the gasoline and LPG tanks with enough fuel to keep rolling for another week. None of them was in reserve.

Going into the differences of our Mokka X LPG with respect to gasoline, this model, like all LPG versions of Opel, has as standard a Gasoline / LPG switch as an integrated element in the dashboard. The driving in GLP mode is indicated by an LED. When the car is in gasoline mode the diode is off, and it turns on when we are running on gas.

The filling status of the LPG tank is indicated by the same instrument as for the filling state of the gasoline. Due to the measurement principle of the fuel gauge, this shows only an approximate value, since LPG tanks must be filled to a maximum of 80% of their total capacity.

Since the LPG tank is located under the floor of the trunk, where the spare wheel is normally stored, all these models carry the tire repair kit. And finally we have two filling adapters for refueling AutoGas. In practice, there are hardly any differences when refueling gas. We connect the corresponding adapter to the boguerel of the car, we hook the mouth of the dispenser, and we tighten until the filling of the tank.

In addition, the car still has the same tank as the gasoline version, so if we run out of gas and do not have a gas station nearby, we can always continue driving without fear of running out of fuel. This possibility to operate with two fuels separately ensures a range of up to 1,400 km combined with gasoline, far ahead of both hybrid and conventional vehicles.

The Mokka X of GLP is available with a 1,364 hp engine that gives us a generous 140 hp, with a 6-speed manual transmission quite accurate. With these features we get a very smooth and economical ride in the city, and enough power to travel at full load and not be left behind on the highway or facing a port.

The interior finishes are very good, highlighting especially the comfort offered by the front seats. The center console consists of a 7-inch and 8-inch color touch screen, and the IntelliLink multimedia system is integrated into it. The number of buttons does not overwhelm or confuse, since many functions are accessible through the capacitive touch screen.

Although it may seem somewhat larger, in reality it is a car of 4.28 meters long. Perhaps this length penalizes something the capacity of the trunk, which goes from 356 liters to 1,372 if we knock down the seats of the rear seats. Something inferior to his brother the Crossland X, which starts from a volume of 410 liters. In any case, it is more than enough for day to day.

If we ask about the warranty and durability of a LPG engine, according to the brand the maintenance of these vehicles is more economical because the combustion of the AutoGas leaves no residue, minimizing breakdowns and providing longer engine life since wear is lower . In addition, the durability of the engine is also increased thanks to the specially reinforced and hardened valves.

In practice we have seen the Mokka X LPG as a very good alternative for those drivers who are concerned about the environment or are directly looking for an ECO tag for their car, eliminating concerns about where to refuel or recharge in the case of electric , and with an aesthetic and capacity that allows us to use it both in the city and for long distance trips. All a champion in consumption and autonomy, and also peteneciente to the most fashionable segment.

Datasheet: Opel Mokka X Selective 1.4 Turbo LPG

Engine: gasoline / LPG of 140. Length / width / height (m): 4.27 / 1.78 / 1.65 Consumption: from 4.3 l / 100km Depot: 53 l of gasoline and 19 Kg of LPG Emissions CO2 : 136 g / km Trunk: 356 liters Price: from 21.352 (without applying discounts or promotions). (TagsToTranslate) opel (t) mokka (t) consumption (t) autonomy


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