Open the Cadaqus Gallery 2 with an exhibition by Gorka Chillida


The Cadaqués Gallery – Huc Malla has reopened the doors of the Cadaqués Gallery 2 (Girona) and has invited Gorka Chillida and Commissioner Irene Altaió, who proposes a dialogue between the work of Donostiarra with the reference artists of the concrete art, such as Max Bill, Richard Paul Lohse and Max Hubert.

According to the gallery in a statement, the exhibition by Gorka Chillida (Donosti, 1981), entitled 'Growing' and you can see it from July 20 until August 31, hosts a set of eighteen steel sculptures of various formats and more than forty recent drawings.

Son and net of a saga of international renowned Basque artists, Gorka Chillida has begun to show his work recently in Madrid, Donostia, Barcelona and now in Cadaqués.

He is the author of the poster drawing of the current edition of the Cadaqués Music Festival, where he outlines the perimeter of Cadaqués Bay with the geometric shapes that are so characteristic of his drawing.

The work explores the volumetric potential of space, and the sculptures originate from small steel tubes, the ends of which expand and generate layers, cavities and openings that gravitate on their own body.

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