Opera buys GameMaker Studio game engine and launches gamer division

Known for its Web browser, the publisher Opera has decided to stand out by trying to seduce players. For this, it already has a specific browser, called Opera GX, but wants to go further by launching the Opera Gaming division, aimed at gamers.

After the creation of the Opera GX browser, the next step for this division is the purchase of the Scottish company YoYo Games. This company develops the GameMaker Studio 2 software, which allows you to easily and quickly create 2D games.

According to Opera, gamers in the future will be as interested in making games as they are in playing them. In a statement, Executive Vice President Krystian Kolondra said:

We look forward to further developing Opera GX and driving the growth of GameMaker, making it more accessible to first-time users and developing it to become the world’s first 2D game engine used by commercial studios.

GameMaker Studio 2 lets you design web games that run on PCs, iOS and Android mobile devices, and game consoles. In the successful titles created with this engine, let us quote Risk of Rain, Hyper Light Drifter, or even the brilliant Undertale.

The Opera GX browser is specially designed for gamers and includes features such as limiting CPU and memory resources, as well as sound effects, background music and customization options. As of last December, it had 7 million monthly active users, a 350% growth from the previous year.

Source : Opera

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