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Opera GX, the Android Gamer browser you didn’t know you needed

You are tired of Google Chrome? If you want to try a new and different browser, today we have very good news for you. The first beta of Opera GX Mobile it is now available for download worldwide. It’s about a browser Android quite unique and pioneering that offers an aesthetic very different from everything you were used to. The good news is that it is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also has several very interesting functions for users. video game lovers. If you consider yourself a gamer, this is the browser you need to download.

Opera GX, the perfect browser if you like video games

Opera launched a while ago Opera GX for computers, a browser designed for video game lovers. Now the company has launched its mobile version that can already be tested all over the world. It is truly interesting and deserves a chance from you. Of course, as long as you like video games, otherwise many of its functions will be of no use to you.

Its aesthetic is different from that of any browser that you can download from Google Play. Has several customization themes that accentuate red, green, or purple colors depending on what the interface displays. Everything is set in a futuristic style Not everyone will like it, but it is a pioneer when it comes to mobile browsers.

The most interesting thing about the browser is not its aesthetics, which also, but its functions and options. When you open Opera GX on your mobile, you find a series of very interesting sections in addition to the search bar. All these sections show video game news, offers, discounts and guides.

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Not only for mobile video games, but for all platforms. What’s more, you have the option of customize what kind of information you want to display and on what consoles or platforms. If you like to be informed about new launches, specific offers and news from the sector, this is the browser you need.

In addition, of course, this Opera GX also has the main advantages of the other Opera browsers: it’s very fastIt hardly takes up space on your device and is one of the safest on Google Play.

If you like video games, we highly recommend downloading them, which, for the moment, you should do via an APK. The version released is a beta, although it is expected to be on Google Play very soon. If you don’t want to wait, you can download Opera GX Mobile from this link (safe and verified).


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