Opinion – Future Bethesda games will most likely be exclusive to Microsoft

Update 10/16/2020: The initial version of this article did not carry the mention “Opinion” and its tone presented certain interpretations and predictions of our collaborator as corroborated facts. We have therefore edited it to more adequately reflect its nature as an opinion column.. Antoine B.

Last month, Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda was on everyone’s lips. A transaction which should benefit the Xbox family in the long term and which still arouses passions today. This $ 7.5 billion transaction alone brought the console war back to life. Today, Xbox boss Phil Spencer fueled the debate over whether future Bethesda games would be distributed elsewhere as well. If he has not confirmed anything, his response suggests that he has little interest in seeing Bethesda games on other platforms.

Nothing else was to be expected after such an investment from Microsoft. “We have xCloud, the PC, Game Pass and our community on consoles, I don’t need to distribute the games (Bethesda) on any platform other than the ones we support for this transaction to work in our favor,” said Phil Spencer in interview with Kotaku.

In other words, the sci-fi game Starfield as well as the next The Elder Scrolls may only be available on PC and Xbox Series S / X… only time will tell.

As for the other studios under ZeniMax, the distribution will probably be studied on a case by case basis. It is therefore not impossible in this case that a new Fallout sees the light of day on PlayStation 5, especially if it is not developed by Bethesda. And as Kotaku advance in his article, nothing would stop Microsoft from preparing exclusive incentives for its consoles or the Game Pass service to attract even more players to buy the games in its ecosystem.

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