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It will be difficult for Barça to reach the Cup final after the fall of Liverpool. The duel culer It will last a long time because the fans were sure of winning the Champions League. There were more arguments in favor than last season when he was thrashed out of Rome. The fans thought that the team was chastened and would know how to get out of Anfield. And, in addition, nobody doubts the word of Messi. The Argentine had been premiered as captain in the preseason with the promise that Barcelona would compete for "this beautiful and desired cup" as it is in Europe.

After all, the problem was the same as last season's, and it is none other than not knowing how to interpret or manage the advantage of the first leg played at the Camp Nou. Many analysts had agreed that the tie with Liverpool would be hotly contested, so much that each team was given the same percentage chance of success, 50, and there were even those who thought the Reds were the worst opponent they could have. the Barca. The 3-0 of the stadium azulgrana confused everyone and Valverde team again failed, this time in the semifinals, a step from the final of Madrid.

Nothing serious would have happened if the two games had been matched as expected and the round would have been decided by small details and not by two surprising markers: 3-0 and 4-0. The final result invites very defeatist readings while the hardness of the opponent calls for more serene and perhaps more understandable conclusions from the fact – long since evident – that Barça has a hard time playing well in the opposition camp in the Champions League qualifiers . Nor does a technician like Valverde help if only his curriculum in Europe is taken into account.

Today, more than ever, self-criticism has been imposed on Barça since winning at Wembley 92. For a moment it seemed that Barça de Valverde could aspire to a result similar to Barça de Rijkaard that conquered Paris in 2006. The key to the two teams are his figures: Ronaldinho and Messi. The Brazilian was not lucky in the final and Barca was the champion while the feeling now is that he has not reached only with the Argentine to reach Madrid. The contribution of Messi was capital instead in the two European titles of the Guardiola stage.

After the departure of the City coach today, it was considered that it would be difficult to maintain the level of play and results until Luis Enrique showed up. The trident made his fortune in Berlin 2015. The escape of Neymar forced to redo a team that has been losing unique pieces such as Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta. The luck was that Messi was still in top form and also assumed the status of captain of Barça. It seemed the Champions of Messi and, as such, the safest, most just and wanted by Barcelona; not in the case of Liverpool.

Anfield obliges Barça to recapitulate and think, a task that can only be done from knowledge and passion, not only with the management and delegating football in Messi. Football demands dedication and, lately, those who rule have dedicated more to selling the brand than to taking care of the content, that is, the ball that Cruyff took, the team of the Five Cups and, naturally, the founder Gamper. It is not enough to organize, administer and capitalize the club as a good company, but you need football talent; it is enough to remember the times of Núñez.

It is not necessary to put the name of Johan Cruyff in a stadium if you do not know what your football is, and it is hard to prove every day that Barça is more than a club if you do not understand what it means to preach with the Foundation . For a team to work you have to feel the football and now instead you ask for results, the Champions are required, to justify the salaries and the investment; none of the richest clubs in the world will play the finals of the European Cups. Grief, and pain, does not go away with money; the ball wants love, and more at the Camp Nou.

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