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OPPO goes against the Galaxy Z Flip 3 with a smartphone of the same form factor – FayerWayer

Very recently we witnessed how OPPO entered the increasingly competitive foldable smartphone market with the launch of the Find N.

The phone in this short time circulating has shown, to the surprise of many, to be at the height of its competitors that have been on the market for longer and therefore have more generations of developed devices.

Now the disturbing thing about all this is that now everything seems to indicate that the Find N would have really only been the first step in a much broader folding dynasty.

Or at least that is what the most recent leak regarding this manufacturer suggests, where everything points to the fact that they would now be preparing another folding phone with another form factor.

OPPO is now going against the Galaxy Z Flip 3

From 91 Mobiles The exclusive report emerges that OPPO is already active with the new project to develop a flexible smartphone with a vertical design that folds in half.

This means that its figure would be very similar to the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the Moto Razr and others of the like that emulate the classic clamshell cell phones, only with secondary screens and all the functions of a current smartphone.

The report has only revealed that OPPO works on this phone, although it does not provide specific details about whether it will be a successor to the Find N or if it will be a new parallel line with a different name but closely related to that family of devices.

In any case, the most disturbing detail is the calculated projection that this phone would be shown and would go on the market this year 2022, over the last few months. So it would be a matter of very little time to be able to check this report.

As a cherry on the cake, the leaker Responsible for this leak, @stufflistings, ensures that OPPO’s new folding smartphone would be cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3.

So this would clearly mark where the manufacturer would be pointing, and if this turns out to be true, that phone will be a more than attractive option to acquire.

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