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“Opportunistic bargaining”, “health dead end”: press review of the editorials after the Consultation Committee

The measures of the Concertation Committee and the turbulent political sequence that took place are at the heart of the editorials of Belgian newspapers this weekend.

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Revue de presse des edicts.

Le Soir – There, sorry, we no longer understand, the thread is broken

“The political decision-making process has left the scientific beacons to fall back into the preparation of compromises, this modus operandi which dominates the management of Belgium. The last three Codeco (in three weeks!) Have thus been governed by effects of surprising dramatization – such as the irresponsible exit this Thursday of Jan Jambon – and opportunist or partisan mega-haggling with the result, alas usual, of killing all consistency. “

Sudinfo – We hope they weren’t wrong …

“The confrontation was tough, as never before, according to the confession of the protagonists. This also proves that the political world is on edge, tired and helpless in the face of what looks like a health impasse. “

La Libre Belgique – A break to experience, not to suffer

“The hour is serious, hopes slim. Some experts are observing the peak of the fourth wave but the testing is overwhelmed, the tracing exceeded. The situation in hospitals, soon untenable, leaves little room for the authorities. The doubts expressed about the reality on the ground are no longer allowed or audible, so much the caregivers are tired, depressed, destitute and exasperated. ”

The Last Hour – The Committee of Consternation

“We are closer to insane panic football than anything else. We want to close without really closing, we do not agree around the table, and therefore we find an epidemiologically headless compromise which consists in saying: ‘We know that children are the n ° 1 engine of society. ‘epidemic, we know we must act now, but we wait two weeks.’ “

L’Echo – School again targeted: let’s seize this failure

“School cannot do everything, and the flesh of our flesh is not the only cause of the current situation. So that in January our toddlers can go to their schools again without constraint, the whole of society must discipline itself again. The consultation committees repeatedly over the past two weeks do not reassure us on this point, polluted as they are by a policy of small steps and last-minute bargaining. Readable and structuring measures are however the supreme weapon of good crisis management. “


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