Oppo’s Apple Watch is a blatant rip-off, but it has one feature that Apple should steal: the BGR

  • Oppo’s first smartwatch looks very familiar, and that’s because it looks like an Apple Watch.
  • Oppo Watch has many of the same features as Apple Watch, but runs Android and is much more convenient.
  • It also has a couple of features that aren’t available on Apple Watch, including super-fast charging.
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We saw the new Oppo Watch weeks ago when it first leaked, and it was clear from the start that we were looking at a blatant Apple Watch rip-off. It is as if Oppo had not even tried to invent something unique. The Oppo Watch is so similar to the Apple Watch that you may not believe it is real. But it is. Oppo unveiled it on Friday and the device looks exactly like we thought. With this in mind, there is an Oppo Watch feature that the copied device could benefit from. And it’s not the curved display.

How do you reproduce an Apple Watch clone as an original product? Add curved side edges and use two separate buttons instead of Apple Watch’s Digital Crown and Side button combination. The rest of the Oppo Watch design looks familiar. See all the images below. The screen size and overall design, the metal bezel and even the bands scream Apple Watch.

Image source: Oppo

The curved display, called the flexible 3D Hyperboloid Screen, is actually larger than the largest Apple Watch Series 5 model, measuring 46mm, 2mm more than Apple’s. This is a 1.91-inch display with a 72.76% screen-to-body ratio and a resolution of 402 x 475.

The back of the watch features “an integrated 3D ceramic design and sensors designed to maximize skin contact without exerting pressure”. The watch has an integrated heart rate sensor such as the Apple Watch. And it comes with five exercise sensors, as well as activity and breathing reminders.

Image source: Oppo

Oppo Watch is equipped with integrated eSIM support such as the mobile Apple Watch. And like Apple’s smartwatch, it supports music playback, payments and surveillance apps.

The Oppo has a function that the Apple Watch has yet to achieve and that is sleep monitoring. According to the company, Oppo Watch can monitor sleep and generate detailed sleep experience reports.

Image source: Oppo

Sleep monitoring has long been rumored to be the Apple Watch and we could get it in the near future, so that’s not the feature Apple should steal from the Oppo Watch. What Oppo did for the smartwatch was to adapt one of its iconic smartphone technologies, which would also be a good fit for the iPhone. This is the new VOOC superfast battery charging technology, which is called Watch VOOC Flash Charging.

A full charge of the battery takes 75 minutes, according to Oppo, “and 15 minutes of charging time reportedly produce a charge of 46%, which corresponds to about 18 hours of use time”. No, we’re not sure why a press release says “reportedly”. But it’s pretty impressive if it’s actually true.

Image source: Oppo

A full charge of the battery is good for 40 hours of use and the power saving mode allows you to use the essential functions of the watch for up to 21 days on one charge. That superfast recharge could come in handy for the Apple Watch, which takes around 2.5 hours to reach 100%, according to Apple.

The Oppo Watch will be available globally starting March 24, when it is launched in China. This version will run an Android-based ColorOS operating system, but other markets may get a different version. The phone will cost 1,499 yuan ($ 215) in China, which is a much lower starting price than the Apple Watch.

Image source: Oppo

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