Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Opulent action adventure “Rise of the Tomb Raider” appeared

  Rise of the Tomb Raider “tells a new adventure story by action archaeologist Lara Croft and has now been released for the Mac, the title concludes the much-anticipated new start of the series, Tomb Raider which came out for the Mac in January 2014. In the anniversary edition, the sequel includes all updates and DLC available for the game. It costs in the Mac App Store 32.99 euros ,

Action and puzzles in top graphics
Lara searches in Rise of the Tom Raider for a forgotten city, in which an artifact is to be found, which gives immortality. She walks in the footsteps of her father, who also researched the artifact. In addition to her survival skills – the adventurer has to hunt wild animals to survive and seek supplies – she can also develop various combat techniques. A sect-like organization called Trinity wants her on the leather, but Lara is armed with various local and Fernkampfertertigkeiten and in these they can specialize as desired. In addition, the player can put together weapons and ammunition that match his idea of ​​action and stealth. In between, she jumps, climbs and runs through painterly designed levels. Riddles and dangerous traps are also waiting in the secondary plots.

More enjoyment with newer Macs
With the use of Apple’s graphics engine Metal, the opulent title, which includes at least 27 Gbyte, even on weaker Macs play. Mac Porter Feral Interactive recommends at least a 2.3GHz clocked i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and a graphics card with 1.5GB of VRAM. All 27 “iMacs and Mac Pro from the end of 2013 are in the boat, as well as simultaneously published 15” MacBook Pro from a 2.3 Ghz processor. Corresponding 13 “Macbooks should not be older than 2 years, 21.5” iMacs not older than 3 years. There is one limitation: Nvidia GT755M and 750M graphics cards are not officially supported.

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