Orange at term. Musumeci’s plan: fewer planes and ships to isolate Sicily

Sicily, which remains orange, blocks shops on holidays and is aiming for a reduction in air connections. Because if the report card of the control room sets an Rt index of 1.14 for the island, down from 1.18 the previous week, now the goal of the Musumeci junta is twofold: on the one hand to avoid a lowering of tension , precisely avoiding gatherings on public holidays, on the other hand asking Rome to reduce arrivals from regions with a higher risk. In the meantime, however, the entrepreneurs are climbing the barricades for the new ordinance that restores the obligation of holiday rest after two weeks except for pharmacies, parapharmacies, newsstands, tobacconists and home services: “Block the take-away – says for example the Cna – it will further affect the sector, which is already in great trouble ».

Anyway, let’s go. Because the long day of negotiations on the Rome-Palermo axis leads to the decision to set a new check on the state of the art for next week: the contagion rate is still lower, but the situation in Sicily is substantially similar to that of seven days ago despite the “first positive signs” that according to Musumeci would have ended up at the center of the conversation between the councilor for health Ruggero Razza and the minister Roberto Speranza. “During the phone call he had with the regional councilor for health – says Musumeci – the minister was able to highlight the improvement of the regional framework, also in light of containment measures that had already been adopted”.
So, at that point, Musumeci decided to relaunch. «In Rome – explain sources of Palazzo d’Orléans – it was asked not to ruin this result by leaving free travel to parts of the country that are worse off. At the moment, business trips are guaranteed anyway ». The strategy is similar to that followed in the spring: limiting the passage from other regions to Sicily by reducing flights and ferries, with a move on which, however, the regional government has no power to intervene directly. To do this, at this point, a decree of Hope and of the Minister of Infrastructure Paola De Micheli will be needed as in the spring.

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At the same time Musumeci “island” Ragusa, which is now in a situation of great difficulty. In the province, there are now three red areas – in Vittoria, Comiso and Acate – and the Democratic Party goes so far as to ask for a lockout for the whole province: “Ignore the gravity of the situation as it has evolved, with the worsening of the number of infections , with the provincial health system increasingly suffering, with the nearing of the exhaustion of places in intensive care and the increase in victims – wrote the deputy dem Nello Dipasquale in a letter to Speranza – it seems to me an irresponsible attitude ».

The third move is precisely the return to Sunday closures. Until November 8, the order signed at the end of last month by Musumeci prevented the shops from opening in the afternoon of public holidays: from tomorrow, however, the absolute lockdown will take place, exactly as it happened during the spring lockdown. The decision, however, causes tensions even in the majority itself: “The latest ordinance issued by the president of the Region, which provides for the closure of shops for Sicily on Sundays and holidays – says Totò Lentini of Ora Sicilia – shows evident traits of illogicalities that risk devastating some sectors already brought to their knees by the pandemic. I ask President Musumeci who suggested the closure of bars and pastry shops on Sundays and holidays, fundamental moments in which these activities concentrate a large part of their production and sales process ».

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Protest, in addition to the Cna, also the florists registered with Confesercenti, who in a letter from the regional president of the Vittorio Messina association report “the great state of difficulty in which the category finds itself, which working with perishable goods will see a large part remain unsold and unusable of its supplies despite the fact that access to the cemeteries is guaranteed on Sundays and public holidays ». Meanwhile, there are those who close schools: and it is, once again, the mayor of Messina Cateno De Luca.


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