Orange launches its new fiber offers (prices and details)

This Orange offer is a “6-antenna dual band router that offers customers an incomparable connectivity experience thanks to its performance in terms of stability, speed and quality”. It is adapted to the gradual connectivity needs of households.

Thanks to this router, customers benefit from a “Wifi using 2 different frequencies, 2.4 and 5 Ghz without interference. The network is stronger when the router is combined with the 6 antennas of the Live box. It delivered at the promotional price of 490 DH from 100 Mega.

In addition, Orange has customer service with promotional router replacement offers. This router offers a new experience to customers at home, now allowing family members to download movies, videos at will with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. This offer is timely for parents of students whose children follow distance learning.

Here are the fiber offers offered by the operator:

• 50 mo at 249 dirhams, 349 dh from the 4th month.

• 100 mo at 349 dirhams, 449 dh from the 4th month.

• 200 MB to 449 MB, 649 dh from the 4th month.

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