Ortega Lara: «Spain has been submitted to the progre dictatorship»


The former prison official and Vox founder José Antonio Ortega Lara said Wednesday that "if they are so insane" they have the organization because they have placed "on the table topics that could not be talked about". «Spain has been subjected to the 'progre' dictatorship. That's why Vox is so important, because he has managed to open a window where the air was unbreathable, "he said.

In his opinion, the next step is "to get millions of Spaniards to adhere", something that they have not done until now because "they have a wrong image of the party because of those who have tried to destroy it from the beginning". At this point he spoke of the ideology of formation, a "social movement" that pivots on "life, liberty and property" and on the "defense of the unity of Spain."

Regarding the "useful vote" requested by the PP, Ortega Lara, who remained abducted by ETA for 532 days, said that "they have been seven years in the government and have not complied." «Vox is necessary to guarantee the unity of Spain. Vox is not an end in itself, but an instrument to serve, from Abascal to the last, who speaks to them. We work to make Spain better for our children. Help us in this task that is going to be titanic, "he exclaimed.

In an almost full forum, at the Teatro Cervantes in Valladolid, Ortega Lara, who had a memory for Fernando Hernández and Nieves Sancho, two Spanish missionaries killed this week in Africa, said that the "most important" is human and young capital. «You are the most important thing.
We want to leave you a better country, "he said. He said he understood "well the needs of young people to have a family, children or a house in property". "We do not have a magic wand but we work to have a working framework that gives new opportunities," he said.

He asked the youth to "not trust their future to a grant" and urged them to "build the future on the basis of work and sacrifice," Ical reports. «Do not mind falling, you have to get up. Do not stop believing and be smart to know what is convenient in each moment, "he continued. In addition, he called on young people to "get involved in Vox" and "not to drop Castile and Leon into totalitarian and libertarian hands and those who want to turn Spain into another Venezuela", when he received the greatest applause.

Ortega Lara was chanted and requested by militants and supporters from throughout the Community to the central campaign event in Castilla y León, where the national flags were waved and the music of Manolo Escobar was intertwined with the anthem and "Vivas" to Spain. Thus, on the regional model, the Burgos official said that "has generated inequalities and confrontations for reasons of competence, financial, tax, public debt and water policy." For Lara, "it does not mean that we stop believing in the Autonomous State, but we do change what has not worked well," he said.

Also present at the ceremony was Vox's candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Jesús García-Conde, who thanked the National Police and Civil Guard for their work and recalled that there are more than 300 ETA murders that have not been resolved, for which Vox « will fight for them to get to know each other ». He also sent a message to the PP, "those of the sure vote": "They accuse us of governing the left, and they were not able to change any law of Zapatero in seven years. And then there are the modern ones, of Citizens, of Japanese food, "he said, to remind his candidate for the Board, Francisco Igea, that" it is already the third party to which he belongs ".


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