Oscar Camps, portrayed as a hero in Barceloneta


The urban artist Tvboy He has painted in the Barceloneta the founder of Proactive Open Arms, Campscar Camps, with a halo of saint and carrying in his arms an unconscious immigrant and life jacket.

In a note on social networks, Tvboy has baptized the work as The Piety of St. Oscar, which he has painted at the confluence of the Plaza del Mar and the promenade of the Mare Nostrum in Barcelona.

The artist has made this graffiti after the Open Arms ship was 19 days awaiting authorization to disembark

The artist, who has portrayed various public figures in several cities, has made this graffiti after the Open Arms ship was 19 days waiting for authorization to land rescued people in the sea.

They landed on Wednesday in Lampedusa (Italy) after a court order and with 83 people on board – others were evacuated before due to various emergencies and needs – from which Spain will host 15.

The Open Arms later left Lampedusa to go to a port in Sicily, by an order issued by the Agrigento Prosecutor's Office, which ordered the provisional hijacking of the ship.

Proactiva Open Arms could face a fine of up to 901,000 euros for having resumed rescues in the Mediterranean, as the central government warned the NGO in a letter in June.

Do you approve that ‘Open Arms’ can be sanctioned for rescuing?

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