Other than the Immuni app, the real problem is data management

Technology is useless. No, indeed, the only solution. In Italy we have gone from a chronic distrust to a blind trust in what a digital tool can allow. This is clearly seen with the government tracking app called immune, which we look as if it were the Moon while it could be the finger. From the importance that the debate has acquired – at least until the press conference of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Sunday where she became the stone guest – it seems that the app itself can be the panacea for all the evils of Covid-19, the mat of Phase 2. The work of the Colao task force, in comparison, seems satellite. This sudden uncritical trust could prove to be risky: an app only an app, a source code that in this case will not even have the burden of aesthetics since it will have to work in the background (that is, without being open on the smartphone). It can be very useful only if placed inside a solid system.

The real questions and real difficulties are elsewhere: who will manage the swab negative health data? Where will they reside? Who will take care of the sensitive information of 60 million Italians in a few words to intertwine with the proximity data of the app? There is talk of Sogei, the platform of the Ministry of Economy. just remember what happened with the theft of INPS information on those who requested the 600 euro bonus to understand what the risk of publicly circulating the health of people, perhaps not even updated: with the nervousness that the two months of isolation caused the trial to the greaser could leave Manzoni’s pages and become reality. And it would not be the worst picture: the app (basically a traffic light) will signal in yellow who will come into contact with a red, that is, an infected person. At this point suspect cases will have to self-isolate themselves waiting for the swab. Are we gearing up to potentially make millions of them in a few weeks?

April 27, 2020 (change April 27, 2020 | 9:32 pm)



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