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Our best Thanksgiving dessert recipes for almost any diet

Thanksgiving is not really a day of moderation. Once you've crossed the turkey, salad dressing, potatoes, side dishes, fresh vegetables or two, and everything that makes your family meal unique, a dessert awaits you. But what dessert (s) will you bring to the table?

So glad you asked.

Our recipe collection has seen the addition of many holiday desserts over the years. To avoid you to browse the more than 70 options of our archives, we have extracted five of the best and we have proposed several solutions. Because who has time to sift through all the Thanksgiving content that is bombarding you? We sorted it out for you.

Buttermilk and pumpkin pie, above. This is not your average pumpkin pie. The ginger crust caramelizes and gives a whiff to the crunchy texture, while the filling is light and fluffy thanks to beaten egg whites. We are a little disturbed by the variety of cinnamon you use here, but if it stops you from making this pie, you have permission to ignore our advice; Just be aware that a cinnamon with a stronger taste means a less delicately spiced pie. Also know that the crust works well with gluten-free gingersnaps.

Other pumpkin ideas: Vegan pumpkin pie with coconut cream (with molasses and mashed pecans!); Pumpkin and caramel pie with roasted hazelnut crust (with short cooking time and crust to press); Custard with maple and pumpkin (prepared in a cast iron pan, ideal for phobic crust); Pumpkin and hazelnut bars (easier to carry than a pie).

(Goran Kosanovic for the Washington Post, directed by Bonnie S. Benwick / The Washington Post)

Shoemaker with apple Albemarle Pippin. We do not want to increase your expectations, but a member of our team has made this shoemaker three times over the last few weeks. (Spoiler: This Someone & # 39; a perhaps the author of this article.) This is a resounding endorsement if we have already heard one! Look for this particular apple variety is fine, but if you can not find it, try it with another tart apple, such as Winesap, Granny Smith, Empire, Cortland, Liberty and Jonathan.

Other apples: Tiffany MacIsaac's double crust apple pie (classic!); Apple cake and spice bread (a bowl, mixed by hand); Apple pies in the shape of a turkey (fun to prepare with children).

(Deb Lindsey for the Washington Post)

Tiny Cranberry Pies Tim. This only works in a mini muffin pan and you must make sure not to use more than three cranberries per pie. If you follow the rules to the letter, you will receive two pies with a cream cheese dough, a crisp filling and a bouquet of sweet and tart berries.

More Cranberries: apple and cranberry lattice pie (with stewed red wine and cranberries); Apple cranberry brown (a lighter version of a classic); Cranberry pie with hazelnut crust (guaranteed to be the star on your dessert table).

(Deb Lindsey for the Washington Post)

Bourbon pecan pie. Featuring a nut / fill ratio higher than normal (which means less goop, more crunch). The topping is sweetened with maple syrup and brown sugar, rather than corn syrup, and gets a nice kick with half a cup of bourbon. It also happens to be vegan.

Pecans elsewhere: Pecan pie (best served cold); Pecangipani pie with pears and cranberries (looks elegant, freezes well).

(Deb Lindsey for the Washington Post)

Grilled ginger pears. This ultra-easy and infinitely flexible recipe from Julia Turshen can be prepared to fit almost any diet. Mix them with sweet whipped cream with maple, serve leftovers with yogurt the next day and / or crush them and turn them into a rustic sauce.

(Deb Lindsey for the Washington Post)

Patti LaBelle sweet potato tart. Some may say that pumpkin and sweet potato pies are basically the same thing, but some people may also be wrong. Sweet potatoes give more flavor, and this pie – you may remember its famous video? – has more nutmeg than you might be used to. Go with her; It works.

More sweet potatoes: Sweet potato biscuits with maple frosting (soft and chewy, more salty than sweet); Brown sugar and sweet potato (dense and mellow); Sweet potato tart with Persian spices (no precooked sweet potato is required).

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