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Our heaven is for sale – Joop – BNNVARA


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The airline industry behaves like the owner of the sky and pretends that we have no say in it anymore. They suited us all the time.

Have you seen and heard the latest developments in the behavior of the aviation industry? You really just don’t know what you hear and see.

There were two things that were free for all, right? The sun that rises every day and the air we breathe. The latter suddenly turned out to be no longer the case. As ordinary citizens, we are completely wrong. The sky became the aviation industry. They decide how often they fly through it and how much they pollute it. And if we want to change that as a society, we have to ask well, strengthen it through long procedures and we have to pay too. Because to get this air free from airplane exhaust fumes, we have to pay heavily. In short, the air is no longer free, not by us.

Lately I have been really harassed by big heads and lawyers in the aviation industry. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the statement made by the boss of TUI in a program on Radio 1 with Thomas van Groningen, last week. I’ll come back to that in a minute.

The cabinet decided to reduce the number of flight movements at Schiphol. That was a logical step, because Schiphol does not have a permit that allows the number of flight movements that airlines think they are allowed. In addition, a nature conservation law permit was missing for years. The Toko therefore operates partly illegally. This must come to an end, because citizens must be protected from dirty air, deafening noise and systematic sleep disturbance in a large area.

You would think: democracy thinks that noise and pollution caused by airlines should be reduced. The aviation industry then bows nicely to the legislator and what society wants, represented in the House of Representatives. Well, that’s very different in the aviation industry. No, they choose to litigate hard against society. In addition, they state that contraction in their sector can only be achieved through consultation. You know, limit those emissions and noise. In short: as a society we must ask very politely if they would please cut, so that the air becomes cleaner and quieter. And this must be done through a long procedure in Brussels. The judge made mincemeat last month. But what if you think the aviation industry will humbly agree and adjust their plans? No. They go on the attack.

For example, the boss of TUI appeared on the show on Radio 1 of Thomas van Groningen. He ventured to say that contraction was almost out of the question. But if we wanted, we had to ask on our knees. And if his industry has to shrink, they would continue to fly even longer with old-fashioned noisemakers that were considerably dirtier. In short, a kind of blackmail. The fact that there were no permits at all for over 400,000 flights was not disputed. What the man did not realize was that he said that he and his industry colleagues decided how often and how much they wanted to fill the air with noise and air pollution. Throughout his speech, the word “neighbor” was not mentioned. I experienced this as a total insult to the society in which he also lives. And the reporters in the nuisance? Oh, the reporters are in trouble, they just have to come out. Go and move to Veluwe, because the sky above their houses is no longer theirs. It comes from TUI and KLM and com suis.

I actually thought heaven was ours. I already wrote about it in the Algemeen Dagblad. But that is actually not the case anymore. The air we breathe comes from the aviation sector and it is determined how much ultrafine dust and a whole range of other harmful substances it contains. But they also determine how often they run through it with all the loud nuisance noises and sleep disturbances involved. But if we want to put a limit to that, we will action something else! This is an unacceptable and undemocratic behavior, against public health! It is the behavior of a sector that no longer knows its place in society. They really need to return to their place in society. They should serve society and society should not submit to them. This is a clean and very urgent task for our parliament. The parliament belongs to our country and not to the proud flying bobos.

Make heaven ours again! It is now sold to airlines.

Yes, Tata Steel is terrible too!

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