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Our mother died in hospital in a thousand pains of indifference – Olbianova

Vwe want to share our experience with the experience of our mother, who is over 90 years old who is admitted to the hospital John Paul II of Olbia (OT) six times in the space of two months (from 2/12/21 to 4.2.22), without proper palliative care, to relieve the excruciating pain caused by the incurable progressive disease that damaged the vital vital organs.

For us children it was clear that our mother was dying, so we made it clear that we did not want any therapeutic persistence, but to help alleviate her suffering. Our hospital requests and prayers with the family doctor for pain / palliative care were not listened to.

During the last discharge (04.02.22) we were informed that now it would not last more than 30 days, with suggestions to take him home and make him feel our affection and proximity. Therapy recommended by the hospital in case of pain: Tachypyrin 1 g 1 tablet (up to three tablets per day) – Therapy recommended by your family doctor: Thoradol Tra-Dol 20mg / ml oral drop 3 max 4 drops only in case of strict need. , Busette 5 mcgm transdermal patch.

02.28.22 Despair led us to contact a doctor who did not know our mother, to explain the situation he came to visit our mother and to understand the severity he activated with adequate pain therapy.

After 27 days of endless agony, my mother died, her weight was about. 25 Kg.

Our family members were present day and night, grieving, and helpless so that we could alleviate even a small part of his suffering. It is not necessary to be a doctor to understand that Tachipirina, Thoradol and Busette 5 mcgm transdermal patch certainly cannot relieve the expansive pain or unbearable spasm produced by vital organs damaged in the state of degenerative disease.

Our great pain was not only the death itself which in certain situations represented liberation from a state of severe physical suffering, but we are morally and psychologically destroyed by indifference, cynicism and cruelty with which our mother was treated.

Suffering to hear her cries of pain, praying for help, our frustration is impossible so we can give her some relief and dignity especially during her last months of life will be with us forever. Much more after being informed, by medical circles outside the Hospital of Olbia, that in such cases it was a duty and deontologically obligatory – moral and medical – to administer appropriate palliative care, in order to accompany the person with dignity until at the end of his life.

Hearing her cries and supplications for help, which remain etched in our minds, accentuates the frustration, so impossible that they could not give her a minimum of relief and dignity during her last period of life, characterized by suffering. indispensable atrocious, without the treated doctors (family doctors and hospital doctors) adopt appropriate treatment against pain (which is also provided by law).

We have heard of similar cases, especially in the case of elderly people who are considered to be patients of series B, precisely because they are considered elderly or, worse, adults, often do not give all possible treatment to accompany them with dignity. at the end of the days of their lives.

Although there is a ‘European Chater on the Rights of the Elderly’, which establishes the right to access palliative care in the face of incurable diseases that cause the death of the person after a great suffering, their needs are often also not met. as they do not protect the most fundamental rights of individuals and citizens.

It does not say that in the absence of medical ethics and for other inexplicable reasons, patients and their families often suffer intolerable situations for a country that considers itself civil. In these circumstances, the most common justification (childhood) is cuts in public health, lack of staff and lack of facilities.
We want to recall the Hippocratic oath: “I swear to pursue the defense of life, the protection of physical and mental health, the treatment of pain and the relief of suffering while respecting human dignity and freedom, and always scientific, cultural and social commitment. inspire all my professional actions “.

We would need:

  • Empathetic communication;
  • Beware of pain therapy to relieve suffering;
  • A referral doctor for referral;
  • Effective pain therapy;
  • Home discharge organization, with competent nurses and doctors.

Hopefully our experience, which we wanted to make public, can be sensitized, especially to raise awareness, to prevent what happens to our mothers and our children from happening to other patients and their families.

Family members

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