Our navy has covered the lack of diplomacy

The Chairman of the Future Party, Ahmet Davutoğlu, made statements to SÖZCÜ on many issues ranging from the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean to the proposal made by the former HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş, who was detained in Edirne Prison. Highlights from Davutoğlu’s comments are as follows:


OFFER OF DEMİRTAŞ: Demirtas “Our conversation with Davutoglu come side by side will be useful for freedom in Turkey,” I read the lyrics. In principle, it believed in democracy in Turkey, meeting with everyone I see has managed to distance itself from terrorism towards the future of this country. In this context, I did not hesitate to meet with leaders with whom we have fought hard in the past.

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EAST MEDITERRANEAN: When I wrote the book Strategic Depth stressed that Turkey’s most vital region of the Eastern Mediterranean. Because the eastern Mediterranean, Turkey is engaging blend of three main arteries of the economy. Tourism in Antalya, free zone and free trade port in Mersin and energy in Ceyhan. Foreign trade, energy and tourism. Turkey; Regardless of who tries to squeeze it into the Antalya Bay, on whatever grounds it is based on, we should know that this is a trap that we all must oppose. In this context, the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus issues, protecting the interests of Turkey and the Mediterranean, all preserve the limits of the maritime policy, including exclusive we have always stood and will continue to do so. We also find the government’s theses on this subject correct.


DIPLOMACY WEAK: During my Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we had reached the point where we would sign an exclusive economic zone agreement with Egypt in 2012-2013. Then all my goals, signing such an agreement between Turkey and Egypt, the Mediterranean’s most important with an agreement reached between the two countries sahildaş interests of the two countries was to maximizes. I followed this issue closely in my prime ministry and afterwards. However, unfortunately, the government’s diplomacy is weak. The lack of diplomacy in the Eastern Mediterranean was closed by the power of our navy. A diplomacy is left alone even when defending the issue that it is right, and it is not possible to call diplomacy successful if many countries with conflicting interests come together.

OUR PARTY NOTICE: The steps in politics are as follows; It is noticed first, then its effect is understood, then the power is seen by being under its influence. The Future Party has now been noticed. For example, it was also reflected in the public. In the survey conducted in 13 provinces in Diyarbakır-based Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, the Future Party ranked third, and it was understood that it was on its way to becoming the second largest power.


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