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Our selection of sports video games to drop off at the foot of the tree

SELECTION – Football, basketball, automobile, golf … Discover the best sports games to offer for Christmas.

FIFA 22: The Undisputed King
The fire sinking Pro Evolution Soccer, which has become a free to play (eFootball) without interest, only reinforces the untouchable status of FIFA. Often accused of resting on its laurels, the Electronic Arts hit is nevertheless doing the job very well this year with much better gameplay than in 2021, more defensive and with less “sieve” goalkeepers. The benchmark of football simulations has also taken a step forward in terms of production and immersion on PS5 and Xbox Series. If it does not offer major novelties in terms of game modes, its galore licenses and the essential FUT give it an XXL lifespan.

FIFA 22 disponible sur PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia

NBA 2K22: the eternal MVP
Like FIFA for football, the game developed by Visual Concepts and 2K Games continues its hegemony in the world of basketball. Colossal in terms of gameplay and modes, NBA 2K22 will once again delight NBA fans as it has become accustomed to since the first opus released in 1999 on Dreamcast. After a shy arrival on the new consoles last year, the MVP is pulling out the big guns this year on PS5 and Xbox Series in terms of animation and vibe. Show time!

NBA 2K22 disponible sur Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

Forza Horizon 5: Under the Mexico Sun
If you are the lucky owner of an Xbox Series coupled with an auto racing fade, Forza Horizon 5 is for you. Using the same recipe as its predecessors, the game from Playground Games Turn and 10 Studios offers an immense playground, 50% larger than that of Forza Horizon 4, for immediate driving pleasure, no matter your level. After the roads of Colorado, the south of France, Italy, Australia and the United Kingdom, the action is exported to Mexico in sublime settings. Choose from the 526 cars available and blast through asphalt, sand, mud or snow in one of the many local and online game modes. Available since November 9, the game sold 4.5 million copies in just 24 hours. A deserved card.

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Forza Horizon 5 disponible sur Xbox Series, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Football Manager 2022: the irresistible call from the bench
Should we still present Football Manager? For almost three decades, Sports Interactive and its genius of stats Miles Jacobson have been offering the crème de la crème of sports management games. With its gigantic database (more than 430,000 registered players) and tactical possibilities galore, Football Manager 2022 guarantees you hundreds of hours of play. Get your club out of the slums to take it to the top of Europe remains an immense pleasure just like unearthing the future Ballon d’Or which will bring you fame and fortune. Only downsides: a dated graphics engine and the absence of official licenses for the Premier League (except Watford) and La Liga.

Football Manager 2022 available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android

A Little Golf Journey: the little white ball
A demanding and sophisticated discipline, golf has often succeeded in combining simplicity and fun on consoles (Mario Golf, Everybody’s Golf, Golf Story) without, however, distorting what makes all its salt. Available on Nintendo Switch, A Little Golf Journey also succeeds in this bet with an original game inspired by the first 3D platform games. On the program: a hundred holes rather well arranged (with many secret passages to unearth), simple gameplay, a soothing sound environment and immediate pleasure.

A Little Golf Journey disponible sur Nintendo Switch

NHL 22: fire on the ice
It is, along with Madden, the most enduring sports video game license. The NHL ice hockey series crosses the decades brilliantly, defeating without too much difficulty its few ephemeral competitors (NHL Face Off, NHL 2K, Gretzky NHL…) who have tried to overshadow it. The omnipotent market leader, the EA Sports franchise innovates at the margins each year but continues to offer a quality product. More beautiful (passable mention for the faces of the players), more fluid, more realistic, the game crosses a level in terms of achievement thanks to the power of the Frostbite engine on the new consoles. Joystick in hand, any hockey fan will find what it takes with gameplay onions even if not very innovative compared to the previous opus. Note the appearance of the Superstar X-Factor (from Madden) offering NHL stars special abilities modeled on their strengths in reality. A must.

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NHL 22 disponible sur Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5


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