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Our View: Winona didn’t make a too bad editorial deal

Stop complaining is our reaction to some Winona residents who don’t think a full picture of their city was portrayed in the Super Bowl commercial with Winona Ryder lying in the snow under a Winona sign.

In short, a Fargo-like police officer asks Ryder what he’s doing. He says he’s building a website. After an embarrassing pause, he nods, says goodbye and says, “OK then, bye now.”

Winona, you have nothing to complain about. Take it from people who live in a city that was once called a black hole by a Viking player who did not like coming to Mankato for the training camp.

Instead, thanks to the actress Winona who returns to her namesake and her birthplace, you bask in the glory of the spotlight. A national audience who had never heard of Winona have now heard of Winona. And in a terrible way.

What if the short Super Bowl ad for Squarespace didn’t reveal all the beautiful attractions that make Winona special? No advertiser will spend precious and ultra expensive time on TV exploring the Winona Museum of Fine Arts, the community of remittances and the lookout of Garvin Heights, even if the city has all this and that of Bloedow, a bakery that greets customers in row outside many mornings.

But Winona Ryder visited your city with a film crew and talked about the place in a longer video posted online by the sponsor Squarespace. This is the actress that children today know from Netflix’s immensely popular “Stranger Things” and the children of the past remember from a long list of films including “Beetlejuice”, “Mermaids”, Edward Scissorhands “and” Reality Bites “. Not bad of a work history.

There is nothing worth complaining about here – especially in light of the huge marketing campaign that the Winona visitor office dismissed from the videos as well as Squarespace which allowed Winona residents to use the website design site for free of the company for a year. A boy can’t find much to complain about there.

Of course, when it comes to ties to eccentrics, the Mankato area has done quite well. Melissa Peterman, a former graduate of Mankato State University, is an actress who has a reputation for acting in the film “Fargo”. He played one of the two young prostitutes in a bar and when Frances McDormand, in the role of a sheriff, asks her: “So where are you from?” Peterman replies: “Le Sueur, but I went to high school in White Bear Lake. Go bears. “

There is nothing better. Betcha.


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