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Outriders had more than 3.5 million players in first month since release – Gaming – News

I am actually quite enthusiastic until now.

I got in later, I ‘only’ bought the game on May 1. In total I played the demo for 6 hours, the full game is now at 23.8 hours. At the time, I had no problems with lag, crashes or disconnects. Loading times are also virtually instant. Game also looks fine. So I cannot complain about the technical condition (8700K + 2070, 2500K + 1070).

Basically I see this game as a combination of Division 2 (in terms of gameplay) and Destiny (in terms of setting). Outriders has quite a few refreshing elements.

Refreshingly, the game relies on life leach. Attacks you do heal yourself quite a bit. As a result, an aggressive playing style is rewarded and a high risk reward is rewarded. Especially the tank class that gets a health boost with every kill is fun. You can then throw yourself into the fight as long as you fish out the little ones so that you stay alive.

The loot system is also refreshing. Pretty soon you will receive blue items with properties. That’s how I got a sniper that froze enemies. The great thing is that when you destroy this weapon you learn this ability. Then you can put him on another weapon. In this way you can certainly make a nice combination of crowd control (freeze, slow, ash) and weaken / vulnerability in co-op.

The latter is also necessary quite quickly thanks to the variable difficulty. During leveling you have two XP bars; your level and the optional world tier. Every time you complete a world tier you have the freedom to activate it. The enemies will then go up +1 level, the chance of good items too. If you don’t increase it, you will not get world tier XP. You can also put it back. Right out of my head I am now level 18 with world tier 9. With that combination you really need the above weapon tuning to progress.

World Tier 9: “Frantic”
Enemy Level: +6
Dropped Item Level: +6
Loot Rarity Modifier: 225%
Legendary Drop Rate Modifier Bonus: +330%
Wearable Item Level Cap: +6
Unlock Reward: Accolade, Iron

You can also use skill modifiers on your armor. On a blue item 1, on a purple item 2. There are 5 modifiers on tier 1 per skill. Think of + 100% duration, 2 second extension for each kill, etc. On purple items you often have an ability mod and a general mod.

Heal Per Kill Earthquake: Each enemy killed with the skill restores 10% of Health to all allies in a 20 meter radius around you.
Thirst for Blood Killing enemies with a weapon while they’re afflicted with Bleed increases your Weapon Leech by 40% for 10 seconds.

You can change one by the way.

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Furthermore, the enemies are a lot more varied than in Division (2), for example. In the base there are of course soldiers, but also minigunners with heavy armor, guys with flamethrowers, captains spawning fire tornados, heavy enemies with mortars, snipers, spotters and then you have another biome with various beasts. The (mini) bosses also have abilities that can be interrupted with your spells. Sometimes that is hopeless and you are just 5 minutes old-fashioned kiting.

In terms of abilities, there is also more to do than in Division. You can equip 3 at the same time, there are 8 skills per class, 4 classes. The classes actually play differently. You have the close range tank, but also the weaker trickster. In addition, a medium range caster and a long range support class. In addition, a large skill tree has been added where 20 points can ultimately be divided. See https://paradoxzyx.github.io/?c=trickster

In summary, I think this game is a lot better than Division 2. The enemies are more diverse, the weapon / armor system is more fun, there are more skills, the skills have more impact on the gameplay, there is better risk reward, there are more mechanics in (interrupt, kite, dodge, telegrams, etc). I can’t say anything about Endgame yet. I think it will take another 20 hours before I am ready.

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