Outside, Peter Pan, Aladdin and Dumbo!

Peter Pan and Aladdin, the Aristocats and Dumbo are childhood memories. They awaken buried feelings and remind us of the days when we looked at the world with innocence.

Until very recently, there was consensus. Nothing was more natural for a parent than to transmit his stories to his own children, to lead them into the enchanted universe of wonder.

But it is no longer so! Political correctness has gone through this.


We learned a few days ago that Disney + has decided to ban these films from the children’s section of its distribution platform, in the name of the fight against racism.

Yes ! In the name of anti-racism, let’s ban these films!

To watch them, you now have to go through an adult profile, as if it were naughty porn.

These films are even now preceded, if we want to watch them at all costs, by a warning, as if the one who ventured there were venturing into stinking sewers.

  • Listen to Mathieu Bock-Côté’s column at the microphone of Richard Martineau on QUB radio:

It is worth citing it! “This program includes dated representations and / or negative treatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were out of place at the time and still are today. Rather than removing this content, we would like to acknowledge its harmful influence so as not to repeat the same mistakes, to engage in dialogue and to build a more inclusive future, all together. “

In other words, these movies should never have existed, they should have shamed us back then, they shamed us today, and you shouldn’t have any fun watching them, but we are leaving them online because ‘we cannot banish everything at once.

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Better still: we only leave them in line in the manner of so many foils so that we finally understand what we should no longer be. Let’s see, without being mistaken, an attempt to blame those who would have the nerve to show these films to their children without imposing an unbearable sermon on them.

Yesterday the Huffington Post France added more and sought to make the parents feel guilty by launching a call for testimonials on Facebook.


It is worth quoting. “For several years, sexism and racism (among others) have been singled out in the Disney films which rocked the childhood of most of us. […] Parents, if you’ve been bottle-fed at Disney, and now you realize that some content is problematic, how do you pass this culture on to your children? Have you banned these movies completely? Do you choose to show them, while providing them with some explanation and context? ”

The HuffPost wants to artificially fabricate a scandal. This ideological puritanism pushes you to bring up your children as wokes informers. Let us also recognize there a hyper susceptible mentality pushing to see racism and sexism everywhere, like a fanatic activist, locked in a parallel world.

But we will be told that those who denounce the censorship are exaggerating, right?

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