Over a thousand participants for the first "Pride Walk in the suburbs"



More than a thousand people marched Sunday in Saint-Denis for the first "Pride Parade in the suburbs" to denounce discrimination against LGBT people living in the suburbs and show that one can display his sexual identity in these territories .

"By the very fact that we live in the suburbs, we are reduced to the fact that we are poor, we are racialized, we are immigrants", in addition to being homosexual, explains Yanis Khames, 20 years and organizer of the march.

Suburban area of ​​activism and no lawless

With his association "Saint-Denis city in the heart", he wanted to show that the suburb is also a place of activism for trans people and homosexuals and not a "zone of no law" as some people want to believe.

"If we stigmatize the suburbs we participate in stigmatizing suburbanites and LGBTQI + who live in the suburbs," says Yanis. "There are assaults happening in Saint-Denis, (…) it exists here and elsewhere, so why say that it is a problem particularly in the suburbs of the people? He asks.

Several associations present

The march crossed the city center of Saint-Denis and ended at the foot of the basilica around 16H30. Several associations like Act Up, SOS Homophobie or Aides took part in the march.

"In general, people are afraid of the suburbs, it is an image that is conveyed by persistent collective imaginations and also by the media and a large part of the political class," says Youcef Belghmaidi who lives in Aubervilliers.

"Today, I did not see any violence"

"In the meantime, today I did not see any violence, no one came to annoy us", while in Vendée a LGBT stand was attacked by a group of young men in mid-May Youcef deplores. "If it had been in the suburbs we would have heard about it for centuries," he wants to believe.

"I am convinced that it is no more complicated to be LGBT in Saint-Denis than in Paris," said Madjid Messaoudene, elected from Saint-Denis and came to support the march. After the arrival of the event, the participants went to cultural space 6B in Saint-Denis where an evening with performances and concerts was scheduled until 1:00 am.


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