Overbearing Meghan wanted to CONTROL Harry’s birthday? She bypassed his friends and FORBIDDEN him to drink alcohol …

Meghan Markle i Harry at the end of March, they left the royal court in search of freedom and happiness. Although theoretically the Sussexs are no longer part of the most famous British family, their fate is still reported in the media around the world. There are also reports that the idea is famous “Megxitu” just came out on the initiative of still limited Meghan.

Although it was said at one time that Meghan Markle i Harry it is perfect proof that love is stronger than reason, it a crisis was about to creep into their relationship. After moving to the United States, the exroyals had little chance of reminding the world of themselves, a pandemic coronawirusa significantly limited their earning potential. For this reason, former exroyals in love were to start arguing more and more often.

Meghan and Harry paid tribute to Princess Diana

Rumors about a crisis in their relationship will not help to curb the article that appeared in the Entertainment Times portal. According to his information, The Sussexs couldn’t even get along on Harry’s upcoming 36th birthday. The reason is the difficult nature of the former duchess, because of which she wanted to control the whole ceremony and organize it solely under her own dictation.

Meghan reportedly stated that Harry will not be seeing his family or friends for his birthday this year. They were supposed to meet her friends, for whom the exroyals clearly do not like. But that’s not all, because Meghan was also supposed to forbid Harry to drink alcoholThis one is supposed to have a big problem with. The same portal announced a few days earlier that due to the coronavirus and homesickness, Harry looked into the glass more and more often.


Meghan forbade him to drink alcohol. He hates when Harry is groggy – says the source of the portal.

An equally sad report was made public earlier by Woman’s Day, which claims that Harry’s life has become “empty and aimless” since he left his family for the USA. He also has to be increasingly depressed with the overbearing character of Meghan, which clearly makes itself felt. A few days ago it was loud about their quarrel in a restaurant, which was reported by the tabloid New Idea.

Do you think this is the beginning of the end?


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