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The winner of Eurovision 2019 did not need the usual paraphernalia of the festival to conquer Europe. The representative of the Netherlands, Duncan de Moor (Spijkenisse, The Netherlands, 25 years old), better known by his stage name 'Duncan Laurence' took last Saturday in Tel Aviv to the coveted crystal microphone thanks to his romantic ballad 'Arcade ' He achieved it with a simple and dark stage performance, interpreted at the piano in 'playback' – it is not allowed to play instruments live – and with a white bulb lamp as the only element that illuminated his face.

The winning theme of Eurovision 2019 inspires in its lyrics the story of the loss of a loved one at an early age and the search for unattainable love, according to Duncan, who has also been responsible for composing the song with Wouter Hardy and Joel Sjöö . The singer was the favorite to win the victory, although his triumph was suffered since the professional jury awarded the highest score to the candidate of Sweden. Thanks to the televot, the Netherlands was proclaimed champion of the 64th edition of the musical contest with 492 points.

Duncan was excited at the press conference after the final of the contest. The Dutchman remembered his professional situation before reaching Eurovision. "A year ago I was a normal songwriter writing songs in my room and now I'm here," he confessed. Before being elected representative of his country, he lived in London and Stockholm, composing for other artists. One of his greatest successes in this task was the song 'Closer' for the popular Asian band TVXQ.

As a child he showed his passion for music. In several interviews, he said that he suffered bullying during his time at the school and the institute. "Music was a refuge, a place where I was safe and could freely express my emotions," he said. At the age of 16 he won his first talent contest and enrolled in the 'Rock Academy' of the Dutch city of Tilburg, one of the most prestigious music schools in the country.

In 2014, he was introduced to the Dutch version of 'La Voz'. His interpretation of the song 'Sing' by Ed Sheeran catapulted him to fame and secured him a spot in the semifinal of the show. He was part of the team of the singer Ilse DeLange, who already represented the Netherlands at Eurovision 2014, and won their friendship. Precisely, the interpreter acted as an intermediary with the Dutch public television so that Duncan was handpicked as the country's candidate at the festival.

The candidacy of the Eurovision winner has not been exempt from controversy. At the end of April, it was discovered that 'Arcade' was available on YouTube since 2017, something that is not allowed by the rules of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). However, it was considered that it did not affect the rest of the representatives because said video barely exceeded 500 visualizations and was not recorded for commercialization.

Audience success

Despite the stumbling of Spain in Eurovision 2019 – candidate Miki Núñez and 'La Venda' were ranked 22 with 60 points – the festival was followed with great interest in our country. The retransmission of the performances brought together 5,449,000 viewers and a 36.7% share of the screen. Thus, the performance of the Spanish representative touched 41% of 'share' with 6.9 million followers. At the time of voting, the audience shot up to 44.6% with 6,148,000 people. However, La 1 TVE lost track of the previous year with Amaia and Alfred. On that occasion, the state network reached a 43.5% share and exceeded 7.1 million viewers.

On the other hand, Miki showed his satisfaction with his performance in the musical contest. "We wanted a 'top 10' but for some reason it could not be. We have a 'top 22' that is not bad, "he assured the RTVE website. In this regard, he received praise from the head of the Spanish delegation, Ana María Bordas. «Spain has had this year at Eurovision an artist who, despite his youth, is a magnificent professional who has a great future ahead of him. Thanks, "he said in social networks.

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