Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Overwatch PTR: multiple changes to plan, one new map and a new Hanzo.

We learn via the patch-note posted on the official forum that the PTR was updated tonight, with some different additions and nerves.

For additions:

  • A new map, Rialto , inspired by the the current vent . Map Escort quite small and narrow, there is a significant amount of balconies, apartments and other nooks where it is perfectly possible to flanker , that is to say to come from all sides, except head-on. Dive compositions, composed only of fast characters and attacking in a coordinated way, will have a hard time making their way.
  • We are also entitled to the redesign of Hanzo, a beloved otaku and others DarkSasukedu59etdu78 : its iconic scatter arrow , a technique that currently allows frustrate to kill a tank in one shot while aiming at the feet, is withdrawn in favor of two new capacities: Lunge -Impulsion in French-, which is a multidirectional dash and allows a little more mobility. And Storm Arrows – Burst therefore, which as the name suggests, sends 6 arrows very quickly during a course of time. We have in the end a much more dynamic character, with a better feeling and much more skilled. No more trolls / bad players who claim to have skill aiming at the feet. They will return to play at Pubg.
  • Another redesign also, not mentioned in the patch, is that of the Lunar Colony: Horizon. It is currently disabled on the PTR, changes made and visible in this video are not definitive, according to the developers . More defensive and less tortuous, that’s what comes out.

When nerves, there is a small list that will surely delight more than one:

  • Tracer bomb that is done less damage: the tank will be able to blow a little and have less pressure. This is the first nerve about it since the beta of the game, 2 years ago.
  • Genji and the hitbox of his ability riposte is reduced: Mccree will finally be able to target the feet with his flashbang.

As for the rest, I invite you to connect to the test servers to judge the quality of the new Lucio wallride.

Oh yes, Brigitte -Braguette for the intimate- is also seen nerfed , the hitbox of his shield having been lowered to a more acceptable level. One more step towards the eradication of cancer.

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