Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Owl saved in Fairfax County after a dive that goes wrong

An owl experienced aerodynamic problems in Fairfax County; but the police restored him to flight status, authorities said. (Photo of Fairfax County Police) One could ask who-to-be summoned in the case of a wounded owl? An incident in Fairfax County the other day suggests that one of the answers could be the county police. According to police, Friday in the west of the county, it seems that the owl was heading to the ground, while something was wrong in the planning or execution of his escape. Or, as county police say on Twitter, "he misinterpreted the angle of attack". Instead of landing on its two feet, as was probably expected, the owl hit the sidewalk. This was on Vale Road, said officer Tara Gerhard, a police spokeswoman. This brought to the scene Jennifer Milburn. Gerhard identified him as a police officer in charge of animal welfare. In brief comments posted on Twitter on Sunday, police said the problem was successfully resolved. "Fortunately, says the Tweet, the policeman Milburn gave him a little helping hand and released him, no harm! "Before being released, the owl rested with the policeman. Reading the expressions on the faces of animals can be a risky business. But the avian creature seems reasonably satisfied with his treatment. It appears from the photo that it is possible to infer that county police in general, and policeman Milburn in particular, have had a good time. .

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