Owners dispelled myths about Renault Arkana

Despite the “dampness”, “Arkana” is not such a “terrible trait”, motorists are sure.

When you want a foreign car with a stylish look and cross-performance “not for all the money in the world”, Renault Arkana will certainly come into view at a price of 1.015 million rubles for a “base” with a 1.6-liter “atmosphere”, manual transmission and front-wheel drive . For the year of its presence in the market Arkana “overgrown” claims.

At the same time, not all deficiencies identified will “come out” in the purchased car. Confirmation of this can be considered a video review of the semi-annual ownership of the “base” Renault Arkana from the owner on the YouTube channel. “Arkanovod”, having passed the stage of “zero” TO, shared a comparative review on the network at the most common “sores” “Arcana” in the format of “complaints from the network and facts” on the example of his car. It turned out that “the devil is not so terrible,” although there are certain drawbacks.

Lack of staff sealant under the hood cover will turn into a quick and severe pollution of the “engine compartment”. Renault saved on the rubber band, but you can install it yourself. Noise release bearing present, however, the motorist called this problem “floating” – “that is, that is not.” Although netizens insist that this is a problem for all Renaults, as well as the hum mechanical “box” “Cold”, which itself passes after warming up.

Breakdowns front suspension – not a myth. Especially “hits” in the front “glasses” on strong bumps and at speed. Nevertheless, motorists do not consider the problem of mass – to whom as lucky. “Whistling” generator right “from the passenger compartment”, contrary to the opinions on the network, the car owner has not had a chance to listen yet, but splashing out of the coolant from the tank through leaks in the lid and “Stink” in the cabin – truth. “Treatment” with sealant “from the dealer” does not fix the problem.

Does “pop up” glass on the driver’s door when closing? If the glass “sits” tightly and does not “walk” by hand, then there is no marriage and there is no problem. A common complaint is “blunts” multimedia system at Renault Arkana. At the same time, its simplest version of the “calculator” works flawlessly, but to the operation and accuracy fuel level sensor there are complaints.

“None” sound insulation – also true. And here is a clanking hand floor in the back row – rather, a case of marriage. In the car in question, such a “jamb” was not found. How accurately and efficiently the air conditioner works can be judged with the onset of summer, and by the stove no questions.

It turned out that Arkana is not “alone” in its “jambs”: “All the jambs are like in my Audi 80 of 1988 onwards,” the network user states.


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