Owners of Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and Prado 120 “hacked” on the “absolute” off-road

Japanese “power” works wonders outside the city.

With the advent of spring, lovers of suburban “pokatushek” began to get out of the road to test their cars for durability. In order to resolve the dispute in cross-country ability and reliability, the owners of the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and Prado 120 “hacked” on “absolute” off-road. Other SUVs, including Jeep Cherokee, LADA 4×4, Renault Duster, etc. also took part in the competition for a greater “drive”.

As a landscape, motorists chose a classic sand pit with multi-level ascents and descents. In total, more than fifteen SUVs and crossovers took part in the races, among which the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and Prado 120 were considered favorites and the standard of cross-country ability.

To “warm up” was taken a low slide with a smooth ride. This obstacle was dealt with by all cars, including the most “planted ones”. But turning to a more serious test, SUVs and even Niva did not have enough clearance to “saddle” the top of the lift. As for the owners of the “Japanese”, their tactics during the rise were different. The driver of the “hundred” took the height thanks to acceleration and the “pedal to the floor”, while the owner of the “Pradika” slowly climbed in low gear.

But dispute between two SUVs resolved on a swampy off-road, where the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 often got stuck and had to be pulled. The weak side of the SUV was the weight with which it exceeds Prado 120. In addition to everything, the “hundred” was found HBO, which added an extra 200 kg. Despite this both SUVs proved to be from the side of patency and kept at the level adapted for off-road cars.

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Japanese flagships have once again proved their cross-country ability and practicality not only in urban environments, but also on “severe” off-road terrain.

Dobrov Roman

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