Oxford study: Immunity after being infected with the coronavirus can last up to six months

Corona virus illustration. © Reuters

Merdeka.com – People who are infected with the corona virus cannot be infected again for at least six months. So the findings of researchers at the University of Oxford disclosed on Friday.

The findings are part of a large-scale study of Covid-19 reinfection following observations from health professionals that the phenomenon is relatively rare.

Oxford University professor David Eyre, one of the study’s authors, said the findings were very good news.

“We can be confident that, at least in the short term, most people who are infected with Covid-19 will not be infected again,” he explained, quoted by the Times of Israel, Sunday (22/11).

The study authors highlighted that they had not collected sufficient data to make an assessment of reinfection after six months.

However, this ongoing study has the ultimate goal of verifying how long-term protection against reinfection may last for all.

Oxford University Hospital (OUH) Director of Infection Prevention and Control, Katie Jeffery, called the findings encouraging. He said these findings indicate viral infection provides short-term protection from reinfection.


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