September 20, 2019

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Oxmo Puccino composes his past

He sees himself more as a singer than as a rapper. After twenty years of career, the 45-year-old artist delivers "La Nuit du réveil", her seventh solo album. He pays tribute to his origins and the French rap that saw him bloom.

By Stéphanie Binet Posted today at 14h58

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Oxmo Puccino, September 2, 2019, in Paris.
Oxmo Puccino, September 2, 2019, in Paris. Emma Picq for M The World Magazine

Oxmo Puccino has always been like this: class above all else. At the end of the 1990s, he would come out with a cigar to tell his stories on the radio. In the 2000s, he surrounded himself with jazz musicians. This September 6, the rapper gives a small reception in a pavilion near the Grand Palais and the Champs-Elysées to celebrate the release of his seventh album, The night of the alarm clock, and the upcoming tour.

In the living room, under the velvet hangings, guests sip a strong alcohol while waiting for it. There is the "family" of cinema, Kourtrajmé, represented by the director Kim Chapiron and his companion, the actress Ludivine Sagnier, the humorist Yassine Belattar, crossed when he was host on the Parisian radio Generations, the footballer Hatem Ben Arfa , the rapper of 113 Rim'K and Famous Bauza, accomplice of the beginnings, boyfriend of the place of the Feasts in the 19e borough, its childhood district … A small world, diverse, like the star of the day, is part of the French rap scene.

"Today, rap is song with a little autotune, melody, repetitive lyrics. The rap category is only a matter of staging. »Oxmo Puccino

Apart from the title Mama Lova, from the compilation of DJ Kheops, Sad Hill, in 1997, Abdoulaye Diarra, aka 45-year-old Oxmo Puccino, never had commercial success enough to get into a style. But some of his pieces have become classics: The Child alone, Black mafioso, Love is Dead, I have trouble with mic, To die a thousand times, Draw traits

In June 2018, Puccino Opera, his first album released twenty years earlier, was celebrated with great fanfare at the Olympia as one of the great French rap albums – "The record took eight years to be certified gold. The time people understand, it took too long for me. " Yet, throughout his career, his author has tried to move away from it, first with jazzmen for the project Lipopette Bar (2006), with saxophonist Ibrahim Maalouf for an adaptation ofAlice in Wonderland (2012) and by partnering with singer M on the project Lamomali, registered in his country of origin, Mali (2017).