P.Croizon, soon the first disabled person in space?

The challenge has taken on an unparalleled height. Philippe Croizon, quadri-amputee adventurer, will he fly into space aboard the Starship rocket? Elon Musk, the American multibillion-dollar genius, answered his call. Since then, he’s been on cloud nine …

Will Philippe Croizon be the first disabled man to flirt with the stars? The idea had been trotting for a long time in the mind of this four-amputee swimmer. Mr. “Everything is possible” struck again. On November 20, 2020, he challenges Elon Musk, director of Tesla and the space company SpaceX, on Twitter: “Hello, I am a famous French adventurer without arms or legs! Send me into space to show once again that anything is possible! “. A bottle in space?

An unexpected response

Against all expectations, a few hours later he received a response from the multi-billionaire to 40 million followers: “Someday we’ll fly you on Starship”, Elon Musk promises. This rocket, formerly known as the Big falcon rocket, is a super-heavy orbital launcher currently under development by SpaceX. The same morning, Philippe Croizon launched a challenge on social networks: “Friends, if I reach 50,000 followers before Christmas, I call on Elon Musk to send me to space.” Mission accomplished in just a few hours! Recall that Philippe Croizon, who lost his four limbs to an electrocution, crossed the Channel and then connected the five continents by swimming, before embarking on a grueling Dakar in 2017 (article linked below). After fire, water and earth, he had to challenge the air … And it is clear that he does not lack!

Philippe Croizon “pays for his chips”!

Elon Musk’s proposal seems serious since, since, the two men communicate by private message. “I was 1000 light years away from imagining that he would answer me”, says Philippe Croizon. The biggest challenge for the latter will now be to exchange in English. He said to himself “Overexcited” the idea of ​​traveling on the rocket “I pay you chips”. Not won! The pilot took the opportunity to tell Elon Musk about his new challenge: to run the Dakar again in an electric car, in 2022. With the leader in electric vehicles, the current immediately passed. Moral of the story : “If you don’t try your luck, you have nothing”, ensure the future “Handivolant” who says he is always ready for all the follies.

And after ? The moon !

Scared? “You’re phew, I say yes to 1000%”, Philippe retorts. “And if tomorrow Elon Musk offers me to become the augmented man, by implanting chips in my brain, a project that he is currently developing (article linked below), I sign directly! What if I became the first man worth three billion? “, he dreams. Ultimate challenge? ” Get the moon “, the truth !


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