Nick Jonas enjoys a solo excursion to Paris during a break from the Jonas Brothers tour

Nick Jonas carves out a solo figure in an eagle graphic hoodie as he goes out to Paris … among the claims that brother Joe “is expecting his first child”

He traveled to Europe with his brothers as part of the Happiness Begins tour.

And Nick Jonas cut a solo figure in an eagle graphic hoodie as he went out for the day in Paris.

The 27-year-old singer cut a casual figure while enjoying the trip to the French capital, among the claims of his brother Joe expecting his first child with his wife Sophie Turner.

Low-key: Nick Jonas, 27, cut a solo figure in an eagle graphic hoodie on Friday while enjoying a low-key trip to Paris

Low-key: Nick Jonas, 27, cut a solo figure in an eagle graphic hoodie on Friday while enjoying a low-key trip to Paris

Nick opted for a relaxed black hoodie embellished with the eagle graphic, which is from the Rhude brand and is believed to be priced at around £ 520.

The jealous assassin opted for sand suede boots as he got out of his car and headed for the city, protecting his eyes with aviator goggles.

Nick was in a good mood as he prepared to return to the stage with the brothers Kevin and Joe at the AccorHotels Arena in the French city on Saturday, for the group’s last show before kicking off their Las Vegas residence in April.

Relaxed: the singer cut a discreet figure in the signed hoodie as he left for the day during a break from the Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins tour

Relaxed: the singer cut a discreet figure in the signed hoodie as he left for the day during a break from the Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins tour

Exciting: Nick's hike comes in the news that his brother Joe expects his first child with his wife Sophie Turner (pictured together in January 2020)

Exciting: Nick’s hike comes in the news that his brother Joe expects his first child with his wife Sophie Turner (pictured together in January 2020)

Nick’s release comes after it is reported that brother Joe and his wife Sophie will welcome their first child together this summer.

The news was first reported by Just Jared on Wednesday, with a source saying, “The couple is keeping things very quiet, but their friends and family are super excited about them.”

Another added: “Sophie has definitely chosen clothes to wear on and off the carpet to adapt to her changing body.”

Low-key: Nick combined his off-duty look with silver aviator sunglasses while enjoying the break before his next performance at the Paris AccorHotels Arena

Low-key: Nick combined his off-duty look with silver aviator sunglasses while enjoying the break before his next performance at the Paris AccorHotels Arena

Elsewhere Nick got married to Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra in a sumptuous ceremony in December 2018.

The couple recently shared their affections with each other during a sweet post on Valentine’s Day, which they spend in Milan while Nick performs in the Italian city with his brothers.

In Nick’s post, simply titled “My Valentine” along with a black heart emoji, a trio of black and white photos shows the beautiful couple in various romantic moments.

As for Priyanka’s place for her husband, that evening was a shot from the stage of the Milanese Jonas Brothers show, with a passionate Nick watching the electric guitar.

Happy: Nick was in a good mood for the trip as he prepared to kick off the Jonas Brothers' Las Vegas residence in April

Happy: Nick was in a good mood for the hike as he got ready to kick off the Jonas Brothers’ Las Vegas residence in April



The 60 second Robinsons Appliances event goes to Palawan

THE Race to a Minute Year: a 60-second challenge is back in its third year!

With products from 12 participating brands: Fujidenzo, Haier, JBL, LG, Sharp, Skyworth, TCL, Whirlpool, American Home, Devant, Realme and Grand Videoke, the campaign kicks off bringing the enthusiasm of the 60-second challenges to local communities through its Community Fair Edition.

Since its first performance at Robinsons Place Valencia in Bukidnon and Robinsons Place Ormoc, held on January 9-10 and January 17-19, the Community Fair Event has continued at Robinsons Place Palawan from 24 to 26 January.

All participating brands for each venue have their stands and 60-second challenges where customers participated and completed challenges for an exclusive discount or giveaways. Robinsons Rewards card members and app users earn a lottery and the chance to win an exciting prize.

The event took place in 4 locations with its last run at Robinsons Starmills in Pampanga on January 28th until February 2nd.

The Race to a Minute: a 60-second Challenge campaign began in 2017 as a shopping event. It is a culminating event of a lottery promotion for customers who purchase from Robinsons Appliances during the holiday season. The winners are selected through an electronic draw and will have the opportunity to play for 60 second challenges to win fantastic prizes.

“This campaign has evolved into a bigger and more exciting one since it started in 2017. Having a culminating event that allows our customers to interact with our brand and the brands we carry brings a unique customer experience and helps us better understand the our customers, “said Donna May San Luis, marketing manager for Robinsons Appliances Corp.

Robinsons Appliances is today one of the leading consumer electronics retailers and resellers in the Philippines. With over 90 stores nationwide, it continues to offer a wide assortment of high-quality products that complement its customers’ lifestyle and improve services to provide innovative methods to meet specific customer needs.

Check out the latest updates on Robinsons Appliances offers, visit or follow the official Robinsons Appliances Facebook page and the Robappliances Instagram page. (PR)


Advertising: televisions disappointed with emerging regulatory reductions

Posted Feb 21 2020 at 6.13 p.m.Updated Feb 22. 2020 at 4:01 p.m.

A few weeks from
the examination of the audiovisual bill by the National Assembly

   , the television channels did not take off. Already high in recent months, the tension has gone up a notch, while a new version of draft decrees supposed to lighten the regulation in terms of advertising is circulating. “As the competition from platforms becomes more and more intense, we had some hopes that the decrees take into account our requests. However, there has been no improvement, or even setbacks ”, judges a chain boss.

Invited to a lunch with Franck Riester, the Minister of Culture, Friday, rue de Valois in Paris, several private channels made their arguments. Their main message: to put too many conditions, we stifle the proposed regulatory reductions. They point, for example, the brakes
segmented advertising (personalized according to the individual), and

   geolocated, which has been limited to two minutes per hour on average, and does not allow the physical address of businesses to be displayed when it is geographically targeted. It is also subject to European regulations on personal data…

NOTWe are very worried about adraft recommendation of the CNILrelating to targeting: the viewer’s consent toto have advertising addressed, chain by chain, would seem necessary… What will it give for a subscriber with 200 channels ! “Chokes Antoine Ganne, delegate in charge of public affairs of the SNPTV (National Union of Television Advertising) representing the main agencies. ” If the recommendation of the CNIL is not changed, a large part of the potential revenue from segmented advertising goes up in smoke, adds a specialist in a television channel. The more so as GAFA, them, do not have as many constraints. ”

The opening of cinema advertising: little revenue

The opening of cinema advertising on television,

    now prohibited, is also a problem, as proposed. Concretely, tomorrow, if a chain wants to broadcast advertising for blockbusters, it is obliged to reserve a place for short films as well. The system thus requires them to 50% of low-budget European films (up to 5 million euros).

“The problem is that small films will not be the most demanding of advertising on the big channels. It will be necessary to be skillful to find them, and, no doubt, to consent to significant discounts… ”, observes a good connoisseur. In addition, it seems difficult for the boards to have “Sales quotas”. “Digital platforms (Google, Facebook, especially NDLR), they have no quota “, notes the SNPTV.

In fact, professionals say they expect only a few million additional revenues from these new measures. SNPTV notes that the authorities will be encouraged to take only large films – which will be ready to pay dearly – or very small ones to fill their quotas, even if it means abandoning films with medium budgets.

Another complaint: the very sensitive subject of
the breakdown between dependent production (internally at chains)

    and independent (the use of external producers); and especially the property rights on the works. These questions must be the subject of an agreement between the televisions and the producers, but in the event of failure, it is a decree which would apply. However, this would then define independent production more strictly and reduce the duration of rights compared to what exists in several contracts today …

The television channels will be able to present their arguments to the CSA in particular. The Minister of Culture does not seem to want to change the texts. During lunch on Friday, Franck Riester recalled that the bill and the associated decrees met many of the expectations of the channels and that he had to ensure a balance for the entire media sector.

“The scandal”, obscure object of delirium

“Ithere is always something to see, provided you know how to look “, throws Paul Wagner (Maurice Ronet), during a bourgeois reception, to a friend who was annoyed by his rascal escapade escapades. Occurring in the first third of Scandal (1967), a false crime fiction and a true philosophical treatise on madness, almost anecdotal aside seems to give the viewer the keys to the film. It’s as much a sentence of a film buff as of an entomologist, a great architect of the world, having the gift of double vision or the sense of observation, to detect what is hidden behind appearances. But above all, she says that the world is not one, there is always another story, a logic that escapes logic, and that everything is a matter of look, interpretation, and therefore delirium. This is the occult subject that this thirteenth feature hides under its twisted whimsical air, whose codes Chabrol does not really respect – crimes but no investigation, no end of story, since nothing is unequivocal . It’s almost like it’s all in the head and sick brain of a character with shaky reason. The intrigue plays on this ambiguity: following a head trauma during an attack, where a prostitute was strangled before his eyes before he lost consciousness, Paul Wagner (Ronet, masterful as a childish and disturbed hero) is sometimes subject to absences. When other women around him are murdered, everything suggests that he may be the murderer, unless he is the victim of a plot, which we imagine to have been hatched by his cousin Christine (Yvonne Furneaux), wealthy champagne merchant, married to Christopher (Anthony Perkins), a former gigolo, who wishes to sell the domain of which Paul is still the owner of the name and exerts pressure and blackmail on him. But the presence of a blonde vamp (Stéphane Audran, beauty of elusive sphynx), haunting the place, leaves other mysteries hovering …

We are far from the original idea of ​​producer Raymond Eger – a murder in a nudist camp. To the “sans-pagne”, Chabrol and his accomplice from the start, Paul Gégauff, never stingy with Lacanian puns, will have preferred “champagne”. A rotten wine, like the big bourgeoisie that the filmmaker brushes with vitriol in their decadent evenings. Gégauff’s cynical pen infuses the film with an atmosphere of destructive madness that echoes the formal biases of the staging. From the credits in the colorful colors, Chabrol accredits the idea of ​​a mental film by multiplying the plans stretched to abstraction, the fluid circular movements, the slowness, the pattern of the spiral – wink at Vertigo by Hitchcock, who also evokes the role of the double brunette / blonde woman and the presence of Anthony Perkins.

Chabrol will often say that he was influenced by the thought of the philosopher Alfred Korzybski, general semantics and non-Aristotelian logic, namely the idea that a subject is always trapped in his representations. Starting from an undecidable point – is it Paul who is mad or the world around him, or both? -, the film constantly seems to adjust to the flickering perception of the hero, often under the influence of alcohol, and this distortion of reality is visually translated by formal audacity, games of mirrors and transparencies, dense decor of heterogeneous statues and objects, and up to the creeping gestures of Ronet. An astonishing final plan, taking height, will replace the scenario writer in the position of the demiurge entomologist, observing his characters, tangled bodies, to (d) fight like three worms in a box.

Nathalie Dray

The scandal of Claude Chabrol (1967), Blu-ray € 19.99 (BQHL).


“Hunters” serves Aryans – Culture / Next

What name to look on the poster? That of Jordan Peele, director with a view to Get out here confined to the role of executive producer, a job in which he shines limply (cf. the fadasse remake of Twilight Zone)? That of Al Pacino, who made his late jump into the world of “peak TV” after a rather doubly comeback in great shape at Tarantino (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) then Scorsese (The Irishman) ? Or that of David Weil, creator of the series strangely in sight for having rewritten the popular turnip Bird box for Netflix? Big Amazon production “based on real facts”, Hunters depicts the Nazi hunt orchestrated in America in the late 1970s by a sort of Jewish Bruce Wayne (Pacino, therefore). After a pilot as long as a film and rather on restraint, the series is taken by ridiculous convulsions grindhouse Tarantino style (re) for dummies, overplaying the badass side of his formica commando (with nickname Angela Davis and Bruce Lee) launched after the cinema Nazis. Aryan conspirators in their thirties (serious?) With an evil smile who could just as easily be reptilian illuminati …

Marius Chapuis

Hunters available on Amazon Prime Video.


Corona virus: can my infected pet infect me?


Dog, cat and co
Corona virus: can my infected pet infect me?

Can cats and dogs infect us with the corona virus? Probably not - but this question still needs to be answered in more detail.

Photo: iStock / Mary Violet

Can cats and dogs infect us with the corona virus? Probably not – but this question still needs to be answered in more detail.

The fear of the corona virus increases – and wildest rumors are already circulating on social media. One of them: dogs and cats can transmit the virus. Thats not right. We clarify.

The novel coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, which is currently circulating mainly in China and has already killed over 2,000 people there due to the resulting lung disease Covid-19, has also arrived in Germany. 16 people were infected by a business traveler – 13 of them are healthy again. Nevertheless, there is a lot of misinformation and scaremongering, especially on social media. The rumor persists, Pets could transmit the corona virus, Here, however, you have to look closely. That’s not the way it is.

Pets and the Corona Virus: It depends on the type

First of all, it must be made clear: there is more than one type of corona virus. This group of viruses has been known for a very long time, and the Sars wave that was rampant in China at the time in 2002/03 can also be attributed to corona viruses. The novel virus, known as Sars-CoV-2, which triggers the currently circulating Covid-19 disease, may originate from bats and, according to experts, may have been transmitted to humans via an animal intermediate host, for example as food. Infection from person to person is also possible, as is now known.

In addition, there is the announcement that Chinese authorities have allegedly called for their pets to be left behind during the evacuation, allegedly also due to a risk of infection. However, this has not been proven. A rumor was born.

And indeed: further voices were heard. There is already a corona virus in Germany, which can affect dogs and cats, for example. Veterinarian Tina Hölscher of aktion tier eV comments on this in a press release: According to this, there is a special corona virus, that is, a completely different species that belongs to the Coronaviridae family, but differs from the Sars-CoV-2 that we have Animal populations have been rampant for years. However, this is host-specific and is not transferable to humans.

According to the WHO, Sars-CoV-2 does not apply to dogs and cats

However, when it comes to the Sars-CoV-2, which is dangerous for humans, the pathogen currently known as “Coronavirus”, the World Health Organization gives the all-clear. So far, there is no evidence that pets, including dogs and cats, can be infected with the virus.

However, it is always a good idea to wash your hands well with soap and water after having had contact with pets. This also protects against various common bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, which can be exchanged between animals and humans. And these in turn can actually cause illness.

So: No cuddling, but you should wash your hands properly on a regular basis, This is a good idea right now, also with regard to the influenza wave. You can find out how in the video:

Wash your hands properly

show description

Dr. RTL also confirms that there is no danger before Sars-CoV-2 is transmitted via pets. Christian Voigt from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin. He points out that herpes or flu viruses are rather on Pets can impact.

You should still protect yourself in this country from wild animals, such as stray dogs and cats, and not get too close to them if they behave conspicuously. But that is more due to rabies viruses: “If you find wild animals with behavioral problems, you should keep your distance and do not touch them or call experts, such as on the wild district phone in Berlin, to then deal with these animals,” advises Voigt.

What the current situation is worldwide and what is new about the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, read by the way also with us. We also provide information how to protect yourself from the corona virus, Stay healthy!

The latest videos from BILD der FRAU

The latest videos from BILD der FRAU

show description


Facebook wants to pay its users to listen to them better

Posted Feb 21 2020 at 6:02 p.m.Updated Feb 21. 2020 at 6:03 p.m.

Chat with Facebook for a handful of dollars. This is the amazing proposal that the Menlo Park group is now submitting to its American users: since Thursday, the latter can apply for a new Viewpoints program, its application dedicated to market research, and send him voice recordings for remuneration .

Selling personal data is not a new idea. Many voices have been campaigning for several years for the creation of a private property right for data, the “black gold” of the 21st century that the tech giants have so far managed to capture in exchange for a service “ free ”- the
proposal from the think-tank Génération Libre,

    chaired by the “Echoes” columnist Gaspard Koenig.

Train Portal, the connected speaker

Initiatives following the scandals linked to the abuse of users’ personal data, for which several platforms were guilty, primarily Facebook. Like Amazon, Google
or Apple,

    the firm also admitted in August that it had employed hundreds of contract workers to
listen to and transcribe certain conversations

    exchanged on Messenger without the consent of the interlocutors.

A practice intended to correct the errors made by his artificial intelligence – which identified keywords in order to refine advertising targeting – and interrupted after the revelations from the Bloomberg agency.

Facebook is now ready to pay. Applicants must be of legal age and reside in the United States, specify
Viewpoints terms of use.

The program in question, entitled “Pronunciations”, aims to “improve the understanding of speech” of Portal, the connected speaker marketed by the firm.

Reward: $ 5

Its principle is childish: the participant must record in the application the message “Hey Portal” followed by the first name of one of his Facebook friends. The operation earns 200 points and can be repeated five times – for a total of 1,000 points, from which it is possible to convert your rewards into currency. A thousand points earn 5 dollars.

“We do not sell the information collected on this application to third parties”, specifies the terms of Viewpoints. Facebook specifies, however, that data can be shared with “humans”, “research partners”, “service providers” or in the event of “substantial transaction, such as the sale of a website, a merger, a consolidation, the sale of an asset or the unlikely hypothesis of bankruptcy ”.

Preseason The 25 best prospects to hit in 2020

It’s the draft season! PitcherList has come up with some incredible content for all of you to use by going into your drafts, and our new dynasty team is on all the minor timbers you should watch in custodian or dynasty formats.

But what about potential customers that those of you playing the standard 10 or 12 team redraft championships should look at? Don’t worry, I have compiled the 25 most important potential customers to keep an eye on re-design formats. Then while Wander Franco It’s the best consensus prospect in baseball, and a truly remarkable resource in the dynasty’s leagues, it’s not yet on the radar in the redraft leagues, since I don’t expect it to debut in the majors until 2021.

These 25 hitters are likely to have a fantasy relevance in this season’s redraft championships, some ready-made and others potentially not until the summer.

Regardless, here’s who I like best, when I think they’ll make their debut, and how you should handle them all during the draft and beyond. To enjoy!

1. Luis Robert, OF, CWS – ETA opening day

Robert is one of the four best consensus prospects in all of baseball, and while three of these four players will almost certainly see the clubs in the 2020 big leagues, Robert is the only one who is a starting point to start the year with a place start on opening day. In addition, his elite combination of power and speed should make him a cherished instant fantasy, with STEAMER projecting him for 26 home runs and 23 bases stolen in his beginner’s year.

Robert was an absolute monster last year. On three levels, it crushed 32 domestic runs with 36 thefts and a combined .328 / .376 / .624 cutting line. It has a speed of 70 degrees and a pure power of 65 degrees and seems an annual threat to challenge for 30/30 with a good batting average.

However, I would be submissive if I hadn’t mentioned his pot discipline, which resulted in a manageable strikeout rate of 23.4 but only a 5.1% walk rate last year. That’s perhaps his biggest red flag, and the one that could hurt him outside the gate in the big leagues (like his teammate, Eloy Jimenez, which hit .228 / .279 / .402 until June 1, 2019).

However, I’m more than willing to grab Robert in the middle round, probably 10th to 12th in 10 teamers, relying only on his potential.

2. Gavin Lux, 2B / SS, LAD – ETA opening day

Lux is another of the top five consensus prospects in all of baseball, and it is increasingly likely that the 2020 season will begin as Los Angeles’s second home base – which gives it immense value not only in the dynasty’s leagues but also in the redraft formats.

Lux’s first taste of the big league’s action didn’t go very well last year, as the 22-year-old cut only .240 / .305 / .400 with a couple of home runs and a couple of thefts in 23 games played. However, he was an absolute monster in the PCL, hitting a resounding .392 / .478 / .719 with 13 home runs and a 14.2 percent walk rate in 49 games played, making it extremely necessary to be promoted.

Lux’s left-hander is gaining ground and is already equipped with more club speed, making it a real 25-30 home threat. Blessed with the base potential stolen even 25, it’s not difficult to understand why many Dodgers fans refused to include it in a potential deal for Francisco Lindor – they think they already have it.

Lux is written as LA’s second base for now, but with Chris Taylor is Kike Hernandez on the bench, not to mention Max Muncy an option to get around, his playing time isn’t nearly guaranteed like someone like Robert. For this reason, I would be more cautious in drafting it at this point, although it is still a viable choice in the 15-16 round interval.

3. Austin Hays, OF, BAL – ETA opening day

At this point, if you are looking for eligible players for 2020, you just want guys to play. Austin Hays he is undoubtedly the starting midfielder in Baltimore, and it would not be too surprising to see him hit the top of the order right outside the gate.

Hays made a great grand league debut in 2019, cutting .309 / .373 / .574 with four home runs and two stolen in 21 games played.

A third-round pick in 2016, Hays finished 2019 with 21 home runs and 11 bases stolen in 108 games played, split across five different levels.

A true midfielder with raw power of 60 degrees and speed of 55 degrees, Hays is a Top-100 guy by consensus and someone I expect to put together a 20/10 season with a decent cut line – numbers that put him exactly on the radar in over 12 team championships.

I’m not sure I’m taking it in 10 teams, but it should definitely be chosen in the last 12 team rounds, and it could be a pickup at the beginning of the season even in shallower redraft formats.

4. Shogo Akiyama, OF, CIN – ETA opening day

Unlike Robert, Lux and Hays, Akiyama does not show up on too many top 100 lists of potential customers. However, he still projects to have some fantasy relevance in 2020 after moving from the NPB league to join the Reds as their lead hitter and midfielder.

At the age of 31, Akiyama has enough power and speed to make an impact in almost all fantasy championships. RotoChamp predicts 19 home runs and nine thefts, with an average of .283. Roster Resource is a little less enthusiastic, although they still make him hit .273 with 13 home shots and seven thefts.

Hitting on top of an order that has a lot of grit, Akiyama could be a great source of racing and average batting in 12 teams, and it looks like it will add at least a little bit in each of the power and speed departments. It is not a bad option in subsequent rounds of 12-team leagues and could easily play even on 10-team rounds.

5. Nick Madrigal, 2B, CWS – ETA May

The second baseman of the White Sox Nick Madrigal last year he did an extremely fast job of the minor leagues, going from High-A to Triple-A while publishing absolutely elite, I mean elite, elite, contact rates. It also showed a potentially relevant speed for fantasy on the base courses, along with the easy potential to hit .310 or .320 in the show.

Madrigal has no power to speak of, which seriously damages his fantasy charm, but the main thing that will curb the enthusiasm for the first round of 2018 is his potential convocation date.

For some reason, White Sox is expected to arrive in 2020 with both Danny Mendick or Leury Garcia as an appetizer to the keystone. Both those guys are bad and signatories of the minor league Andrew Romine it’s worse, so in all reality, this job should be lost by Madrigal. It may end up being one of the last victims of the manipulation of the service time, but it is difficult to imagine one of those players who prevent Madrigal from leaving for Chicago by May.

Once he has got up, it is worth taking a look at 12 team leagues and perhaps 10 teams too, although he will primarily function as an average batting stabilizer. His ability to steal the bases in the big leagues will be a great hinge for his fantasy relevance, and until we know if that translates it is difficult to lower. However – in over 14 team leagues and AL-only formats, it should be drawn up immediately and is not a bad late-round flyer in those shallower formats, especially if promising results drop in spring training.

6. Sam Hilliard, OF, COL – ETA opening day

Okay, so I love it Sam Hilliard. Big deal. I chose him for the draft / stash challenge we did some time ago, and I was the best of him in the potential rankings of the 100 best PitcherLists – so this is the third time I’ve been writing about him in about two weeks.

What more is there to say?

I mean, the guy crushed 42 home games last year, 35 in the PCL and seven with the Rockies, while he also swept 24 bases and posted an excellent .273 / .356 / .649 in his 27 big games. League. That type of production borders on the elite fantasy territory, and while the PCL hitting environment should be taken with a grain of salt, we are talking about an outfielder who hits power by playing his home games in Coors, so inflated production should not be discounted too much.

Hilliard is not as appreciated as many of the perspectives to follow on this list, but he gets this place because of the appeal of instant play time. Right now, Roster Resource has the 25th incarcerated while Colorado is starting in the right field, with its main competition coming from the corpse of Ian Desmond and the silent whispers of potential had long since disappeared Raimel Tapia.

Steamer likes Hilliard only for 362 plate appearances, but also for 14 home throws and 11 thefts. If that type of production has more than 480 appearances in dishes or more, you are looking for a fantastic fantasy inventory in leagues with 12 teams and beyond.

7. Carter Kieboom, 3B, WAS – ETA opening day

If Kieboom’s playing time was safer, he would almost certainly be in the top five on this list. And while Roster Resource makes it write as the third starting base for citizens, this team has also re-signed both Howie Kendrick is Asdrubal Cabrera this offseason, making me hesitate to hire full-time at-bat for Kieboom immediately off the slide.

If he plays well in spring training and seems stuck in the starting role, he certainly deserves an end of turn flyer in 12 players and, possibly, also for brave owners in 10 players.

Kieboom struggled massively in his first taste of the big league action last year, hitting a dismal .128 / .209 / .282 with a couple of home runs in just 43 plate appearances. He went much better at the AAA, hitting .303 with 16 home runs and five thefts in 109 games, while boasting a strong walking rate of 13.8 percent.

Kieboom is a well-built infielder with pop pull-side and a balanced swing, which should translate into a tool to hit more and more power in the show. It remains to be seen if it will begin to show that in 2020, but his debut in the big league has probably irritated people about him, which could allow him to be discounted in deeper formats or even start dynasty championships.

8. Nick Solak, 3B / OF, TEX – ETA opening day

I am fearlessly the short man of Solak – and while I think he will start the season with Rangers and should have many opportunities, two things come to mind: 1.) Rangers have a tendency to ruin their prospects, especially those without a clear position, so it is quite possible that Solak gets the Willie Calhoun treatment and 2.) Solak’s advanced stats don’t paint a particularly nice picture. An average exit speed of 88.3 miles per hour, a launch angle of 6.3 degrees and a wOBA .212 against breaking balls make me worry that he won’t be able to repeat his strong performances last year – and this could lead to continuous trips backwards – and forwards from AAA and Texas.

Last year Solak played mainly in third base for Texas, but he has some experience in second base (his natural position), as well as in the external field and designated hitter. All those seats are occupied, though Todd Frazier, Rougned Odor, is Shin Soo-Choo are all the risks of injury or risks of being on the bench to play badly, which should open a place for the 25 year old Solak.

It is worth a late round flyer in 12-team leagues, although I would probably pass it on unless it was an OBP league.

However, in deeper leagues, it is definitely possessed, and a course for regular playing time could involve 15-20 home runs and a handful of thefts, while still exercising strong position flexibility.

9. Jo Adell, OF, LAA – ETA June

Adell is the third consecutive potential among the top five that he will almost certainly play in the big leagues in 2020, although his timeline is much more cloudy than Robert and Lux, which is why he came up here behind boys with a game time more guaranteed.

If you are the type of designer who likes to take risks, you are almost certainly bringing Adell in front of guys like Solak, Kieboom and Hilliard. However, at this point, I’m more likely to bring players who are settled in regular bats from March to September, rather than betting on a guy who we expect to be mid-season, but who clearly has players in front of him.

Mike Trout, Justin Upton, is Brian Goodwin they are the starting outfielders for the Angels, with David Fletcher is Michael Hermosillo in the mix as a backup. Adell’s age factors (20) and his 67 wRC + at Triple-A last year, in just 27 games played, and you have a boy who could easily spend months in the minor leagues before making his debut.

In the best case, Adell crushed the ball in Triple-A, making his debut in May and publishing power / speed numbers that make him among the top 40 in 2020. But the worst case is low enough not to be willing to bet on him in redraft alloys as high as some of the other safer, more boring prospects. To each his own.

10. Sean Murphy, C, Oakland A’s – ETA opening day

Sean Murphy was one of the most difficult players to rank on this list. According to NFBC ADP, it should be third or fourth. However, I firmly believe that I don’t catch the catchers very early in the drafts and would prefer to bet on the nine names above before taking Murphy, probably in the last round or two (if he’s still around).

However, it’s hard to ignore any prospect on this list that has an almost guaranteed shot during normal playing time, and that’s how it still creeps into the top ten. The As eliminated the deck for Murphy to be their first catcher, with the beginner companion Austin Allen and veteran Carlos Perez which represents little competition.

Murphy is praised more for his Gold Glove level defense than his fantasy production, but an entire game season of around 130 behind the pot could easily lead to 18-20 home runs. Although he probably won’t be impressed with a high average, his patience with the pot makes him a nice target even in OBP formats – and one that I would consider at the end of drafts in 2020.

11. Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, OF / DH, TB – ETA Opening day

Projecting Rays Hitters is an incredibly unenviable task, as they tend to mix and match so often that even players who are listed as “beginners” receive only part-time bats.

The team crossed the river to grab their latest project, a designated left-handed batter from the NPB called Yoshitomo Tsutsugo. Tsutsugo is a slacker who could easily hit 25 home runs this year – if he is given enough time to play.

With Ji-Man Choi, Jose Martinez, Nate Lowe, Hunter Renfroe, Manuel Margot and possibly Brendan McKay all in the mix for at-bat at 1B / DH / COF, it’s hard to say exactly how much the 28 year old will play in 2020.

His current ADP (according to NFBC) removed him from the radar in 10 and 12 teamers, but has a projected static line similar to that of Max Kepler. If you are willing to bet that he will play himself in a role almost every day in Tampa, most fantasy formats are worth playing. But I understand the hesitation.

12. Evan White, 1B, SEA – ETA Opening day

The Mariners have made it clear that they believe the first baseman Evan White he is ready for the big leagues, signing him with a six-year $ 24 million contract to buy his arbitration years. This means that, without any concern for maintenance times, the 2020 season will almost certainly start as the team’s first base. After all, his main competition for the role is (check the notes) … Austin Nola? Tim Lopes? Jose Marmolejos?

White was praised more for his glove than for his bat, but he took a step forward in the pot in 2019 at AA, hitting .293 / .350 / .488 with 18 home shots in the infamous Texas League boundaries. He has always shown strong batting averages, and last year he saw an increase in balls and contacts with his shooting side, which should help develop his power shot.

White will likely not be consistent .300 | 30 | 90 first baseman type, a la Jose Abreu or Freddie Freeman, but should have the chance to play Seattle daily, and hitting .270 with around 20 home runs doesn’t seem out of the question for the 23-year-old. It is still not worth writing in 10 or 12 teams, but in deeper leagues, an end-of-round bet is worth.

13. Mauricio Dubon, 2B / SS, SFG – ETA opening day

Roster Resource has Dubon written as the normal San Francisco starter at second base, and STEAMER projects it for 490 plate appearances, 12 home shots and 12 stolen bases.

However, I have my doubts that he remains full-time throughout the season, especially after the team has signed the Gold Glove winner. Yolmer Sanchez. Don’t get me wrong, Sanchez can’t hit deserving a lick, but his presence, Donovan Solano is Wilmer Flores It is enough for me to doubt that Dubon is the team’s first option at the keystone, especially if he tries to get out of the gate.

Dubon, 25, has seen action in 30 games last year for the Brewers and Giants, hitting .274 / .306 / .434 with four home runs and three thefts – along with a low walking rate of 4 , 5% and a solid strikeout of 18.0%.

Although Dubon takes the place of the daily appetizer, it is probably little more than an average batting stabilizer with limited power or speed. If he manages to hit .280 with 10 home shots and 10 thefts, he will have value in deeper championships and only NL formats. Expecting a lot more, even if it sounds everyday, is foolish. I plan accordingly.

14. Dylan Carlson, OF, STL – ETA June

After a disappointing 2018 campaign, the cardinals outfield player Dylan Carlson broke out in style in 2019, blowing 21 runs at home and sweeping 18 bases in 108 games at double A before breaking the AAA launch with a .361 / .418 / .681 cut line with five fingers and two stolen in just 18 games played.

Carlson will almost certainly start the 2020 Triple-A campaign, and while the Cardinals have a fair bit of depth of field ahead of him – including Dexter Fowler, Tommy Edman, Harrison Bader, Tyler O’Neill, Lane Thomas, Yairo Munoz and possibly Brad Miller – Carlson is expected to shoot midway through the year, and perhaps sooner if he manages to hit once again near the AAA.

Carlson is a switch-hitter with growing power, particularly from the left side, and continued success against older competition. It is a must to add as soon as it is in the big leagues – and the only reason it is so low on the list is the general haze of its timeline.

15. Kyle Lewis, OF, SEA – ETA opening day

Lewis gets a place in the top 15 because he will almost certainly start for the Mariners right outside the gate, with almost all the current depth charts placing him in the left field and hitting near the center of the order.

The reason he’s down here – behind players who are lining up for mid-season promotions or part-time roles – is because there’s a lot to suggest that it may not be a big-time fantasy asset outside of deeper formats .

Lewis was a brilliant point for the Mariners last year, blowing up six home games in just 18 games and finally giving fans a taste of what he’s capable of after losing so much time with minor league injuries.

However, Lewis is a great fighting machine, blowing 38.7 (!) Percent of the time in the big leagues and 29.4 percent in the double A. While he has done many walks in the minors, he only had a rate of 4 , 0 percent in the majors, a pace that will not do him any favors if he can not lower the strikeouts.

Lewis’ power is very real and could easily challenge for 25-30 home games next year, but the speed he had from a young perspective has almost disappeared thanks to a debilitating knee injury. At this point, Lewis is an outfielder corner just for power with strong swing-and-miss potential, very similar Domingo Santana – who replaced. This doesn’t make it much of a fantastic resource outside of the AL and 16+ team leagues, where it should be enlisted and started right away.

16. Nico Hoerner, 2B / SS, CHC – ETA May

First round 2018 Nico Hoerner he became the first player in his class to catch the biggest leagues, playing 20 games for the Cubs last year and hitting .282 / .305 / .436 with three home runs. His strike rate of 13.4 percent was extremely promising, but his walk rate of 3.7 percent left something to be desired.

Hoerner will almost certainly have the opportunity to show again what he can do in the big leagues in 2020, but it is unclear when or where he will fit exactly – and while he is a strong prospect he still has to show a lot of home acumen or establish himself as a threat of base theft, which obviously limits its fantasy appeal.

Starting from the playing time, it is blocked by Javy Baez at a short distance, Kris Bryant to the third and new signatory Jason Kipnis to second base. Kipnis will be the easiest to undo, but Chicago too Daniel Descalso, David Bote and even Robel Garcia handy as options. Hoerner should shoot all of them – and probably Kipnis – but he can easily be put on the bench or sent out if he fights.

It’s hard to read too much in the smaller numbers of the Hoerner league, given that he only played 89 games, but only has five home runs in that window, along with 19 doubles and five triples.

I could see Hoerner hitting 10-12 home runs for an entire or near peak season, with perhaps 15-20 steals, but I’m not nearly as sure of the tools as many others. However, it is definitely worth trying over 14 team leagues and only NL formats when called, and should be on the checklist in other leagues as well.

17. Jake Fraley, OF, SEA – ETA Day Opening

Mitch HanigerThe injury probably frees a strong outfield outside Jake Fraley ready for an immediate starting job in Seattle, and his combination of uncommon power, cymbal discipline and speed will make him a fantastic contributor in deep leagues in 2020 and could easily push him into team 12 and even 10 radars.

Fraley played 99 games between AA and AAA last year, blowing 19 home runs with 22 steals and a .298 / .365 / .545 cut line. This was enough for him to get a taste of the action of the great league, which admitted he did not take very well, with an average of .150 and a strikeout of 34.1 percent in 12 games played.

While the poor performance of the big league put a sour taste in my mouth, Fraley’s path to playing right now is almost completely open, with the remaining competition including Braden Bishop, Carlos Gonzalez, Jose Siri, Collin Cowgill, is Tim Lopes.

Fraley has an excellent path to start the game day, but is a little lower on this list due to his struggles last year and the clear possibility that he will slip into a fourth role as an external player once Haniger is back from the list of injured players. It is worth taking a look at deeper and more dynasty-formed leagues, but I would keep it on the cutting edge (and checklist) in leagues of 10 or 12 standard teams.

18. Jorge Mateo, 2B, OAK – ETA May

It is not yet clear exactly who will start second base for the Oakland A following the Jurickson Profar business. The veteran Tony Kemp it’s who lists Roster’s resources, but the young man Franklin Barreto and possibly a man of utility Chad Pinder are both options, not to mention two perspectives: Sheldon Neuse is Jorge Mateo.

Mateo spent his second consecutive season at Triple-A in 2019, collecting 19 home runs and 24 steals with a .289 / .330 / .504 cut line. The former top prospect in the Yankees system has gone through several ups and downs in recent years, but his combination of power and legitimate, indisputable 80-degree speeds make him a potential treasure.

It’s not without its flaws, however, as last year’s strong performance came with a strikeout rate of 25.6% and only a 5.1% walk rate – following a pattern of plate discipline issues . Additionally, the 19 home games were good, but it only touched three in 2018 and could have benefited enormously from juiced baseball and the friendly boundaries of the PCL.

Regardless, Mateo is a name to keep an eye on in the deepest redraft alloys and certainly in all formats of the dynasty. Although I wouldn’t bet it’s the start of the keyhole opening day, I wouldn’t be surprised if he played regularly from May, which could give him a chance in a 15/20 type season.

19. Ryan Mountcastle, 1B / 3B, BAL – ETA May

The Orioles are the team most in the process of rebuilding the league, so it’s not surprising to see two players hit this list, as they have little reason not to play their debutants in 2020.

Mountcastle put together a full season at Triple-A in 2019, mixing 25 home runs with 83 RBI and a nice .312 / .344 / .527 line. The Orioles moved him a little on the defensive, allowing him to acquire his first professional experience on first base and leave the field together with his more natural third base.

This gives him a much higher blow in contributing significantly to Baltimore this year, although he is not currently scored on a place in the role of 26 men. Chris Davis, Rio Ruiz, Renato Nunez is Anthony Santander occupy roles 1B, 3B, DH and LF with respectively Dwight Smith, Stevie Wilkerson is Andrew Velasquez also in the mix.

However, it is obvious that none of these names should prevent Mountcastle, its successful 55 degree tool and its 60 degree power, from taking up initial work this year.

It probably shouldn’t be in any redraft format yet (except maybe just for AL) but it’s a name worth keeping an eye on, and one that should be taken by the renouncement thread in 12+ team leagues once it comes. called back – which may not take so long.

20. Brendan Rodgers, SS, COL – ETA July

One of the things that has come up a few times during the creation of this list is which players are blocking a certain perspective from playing time. In such a case Dylan Carlson or Jo Adell“There is no one who should stop them from taking over once they are ready.

In case of Brendan Rodgers, there could be. Rodgers is behind Trevor history a short distance – a point that is not taking over unless there is an injury. The second base is a little more complicated, but the combination of Ryan McMahon is Garrett Hampson it’s good enough to potentially contain the team’s number one prospect, at least for a while.

Rodgers is still recovering from a torn lip, which shouldn’t cost him time, but reduces his supplies just a little. Speaking of lowering his stock, his .224 / .272 / .250 cut line without running home or stealing in 81 appearances in big league pots has really soured many people about his long-term potential.

Although I wouldn’t say I’m one of those people, I’m worried that he won’t see much time in the league that he would have been successful last year unless Nolan Arenado is swapped (which would likely move McMahon to third place and open a second place for Rodgers and Hampson to compete), so Rodgers could be in line for an almost complete season at Triple-A.

If / when it shows up, it’s worth taking a look at deeper leagues as long as you play every day. I wouldn’t rush to take it between 10 or 12 players, but as with any notable perspective – it should be looked at.

21. Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B, PIT – ETA July

Pirates are not a good baseball team and appear to be preparing to give many new arrivals a chance in 2020. This could very well include a third base Ke’Bryan Hayes, which hit well – but not exceptionally – in AAA last year.

Hayes scored 10 home runs with 12 steals in 110 games, along with a good walking percentage of 9.0 percent and an elimination percentage of 18.0 percent, but his .265 / .336 cut line / .415 was only good for a 92 wRC +.

He will almost certainly start the year at the AAA, but assuming he improves on these numbers, he is a privileged candidate for a mid-season call, particularly if Pittsburgh runs out on expiry.

Colin Moran he’s the starter in charge of the team at third base, but he’s been below average for the past two seasons and spent some time moving around the diamond last year. Pittsburgh could try to put him on the bench or exchange him to free up space for Hayes, particularly if he is doing well with the minors.

Non redigere Hayes nei redraft dei campionati ancora (tranne forse solo nel profondo NL), ma è un nome da monitorare e uno che potrebbe aiutare nella maggior parte dei campionati fantasy entro settembre.

22. Alec Bohm, 3B, PHI – ETA luglio

Bohm è stato uno dei giocatori più difficili in questa lista da inserire. Come prospettiva pura, è probabilmente il quinto in questa lista dietro Robert, Adell, Lux e Kieboom. Tuttavia, è completamente al n. 22 perché la sua probabilità di fare il suo debutto in grande campionato quest’anno è meno certa, e anche se lo fa quasi sicuramente non accadrà fino a metà stagione al più presto, dandogli un duro prospettive fantasy per il 2020.

Bohm ha fatto una bella campagna del 2019, colpendo .305 / .378 / .518 con 21 corse in casa e sei rubate divise tra tre livelli. Tuttavia, ha colpito solo .269 in AA, sebbene con uno sfortunato .265 BABIP e un eccellente .231 ISO e 146 wRC +.

Quelle 270 apparizioni di targhe sono comunque le sue oltre l’Alta A e, a meno che non esca dal cancello sparando nel 2020, potrebbe essere fino a luglio / agosto o addirittura settembre fino a quando non lo vediamo nello spettacolo.

I Phillies hanno Scott Kingery alla terza base e Rhys Hoskins all’inizio, per non parlare delle opzioni di profondità in Jay Bruce, Neil Walker is Logan Forsythe.

Bohm sarà probabilmente l’ultimo giocatore in questa lista a raggiungere i campionati più importanti, ma è un must assoluto in tutti i formati non appena viene richiamato, grazie al suo prodigioso strumento di successo e al suo potere. Se fai parte di una lega della dinastia, è molto, molto più in alto sul radar.

23. Daz Cameron, OF, DET – ETA June

Le Tigri, simili agli Orioles e ai Mariners, sono profonde nella loro ricostruzione e quindi hanno maggiori probabilità di giocare a colpire molto le prospettive quest’anno. Cameron è una delle due Tigri per decifrare questo elenco, insieme a Isaac Paredes, e anche se probabilmente inizierà la campagna del 2020 in Triple-A, potrebbe non passare molto tempo prima che arrivi nelle grandi leghe.

Attualmente, Detroit si sta dirigendo verso la stagione 2020 con Cameron Maybin, Victor Reyes, JaCoby Jones, is Christin Stewart si prevede che saranno i quattro outfielder nel roster attivo. Tuttavia, hanno anche Travis Demeritte, Jorge Bonifacio, Jacob Robson, is Troy Stokes anche nei minori.

Tuttavia, Cameron è una delle migliori prospettive della squadra, e sarebbe sorprendente che lo guardassero ad un certo punto nel 2020, specialmente dopo aver colpito 13 corse in casa con 17 furti e un tasso di camminata dell’11,7 per cento in carriera a Toledo lo scorso anno.

Naturalmente, Cameron ha importanti problemi di sciopero, non diversamente da suo padre, che lo trattengono al livello successivo. La sua media .214 in AAA ne è la prova e dipinge Cameron più come un Keon Broxton or Byron Buxton al contrario del suo soffitto, che è più simile a suo padre Mike Cameron o anche Curtis Granderson.

Steamer ama Cameron solo per 14 presenze in MLB il prossimo anno, un segno scoraggiante, ma non mi sorprenderebbe vederlo ricevere un call precedente che gli concede una mezza stagione circa nei grandi campionati. Se ciò accade, varrà la pena dare un’occhiata a oltre 14 campionati di squadra e formati solo AL, in particolare quelli che contano OBP invece di BA, per la sua combinazione potenza / velocità.

24. Monte Harrison, OF, MIA – ETA June

Tanto di ciò che è stato scritto Daz Cameron si applica direttamente a Monte Harrison. They are both advanced, toolsy outfield prospects who have the makings of future fantasy darlings, are on bad teams that can afford to play them in 2020, but are blocked by a fair amount of fringey talent ahead of them.

For Harrison, he is looking at an outfield picture that features Corey Dickerson, Garrett Cooper, Jonathan Villar, Matt Kemp, Jon Berti, Matt Joyce, Harold Ramirez, Magneuris Sierra, is Lewis Brinson all ahead of or near him in the pecking order.

So it’s safe to say he’s a risky pick in redraft formats. Even in NL-only leagues, I’m not ready to draft Harrison out of the chute. However, it would make sense for Miami to give him a chance this year, at least at some point, and his potential as both a power hitter and a stolen base threat make him a valuable fantasy commodity even if he plays half, or a quarter, of the year in the big leagues.

Like many others on this list, have Harrison on your watch list or in the back of your mind in redraft leagues. If he gets recalled and is expected to garner consistent at-bats, he’s worth adding in 14+ team leagues right away.

25. Isaac Paredes, 3B, DET – ETA June

At age 21, Paredes is one of the youngest players on this list. However, his recent showing in AA and the Tigers’ utter lack of any good infielders should allow him to reach the big leagues at some point this summer, likely as a third baseman.

Paredes hit well in AA in 2018 in a 39-game sample, and he spent the entire 2019 campaign repeating that level while transitioning from shortstop to third base – a transition that looks permanent considering his strong arm, good hands but relative lack of range.

Paredes isn’t on here for his defensive acumen, however, as he has proven himself a strong all-around hitter with burgeoning power and elite plate discipline – nearly walking as many times (57) and he struck out (61) last year in AA.

Jeimer Candelario is the team’s current third baseman, but he could end up moving over to first base if his defensive woes continue. Brandon Dixon, Dawel Lugo is Willi Castro are all in the mix for at-bats as well, but none of them should hold Paredes back from getting playing time, as long as he proves he is ready.

He’ll likely start the 2020 season in AAA, and with some hot hitting he could be up sooner rather than later – which will make him someone worth owning in 14+ team leagues and AL-only formats.

Adapted by Zach Ennis (@zachennis on Twitter and Instagram)

a simple urine test would allow early detection

This is an incredible advance in the detection of bladder cancer. The agency of the World Health Organization for Cancer Research (IARC) announced, this Thursday, February 20, that a simple urine test would detect genetic mutations predicting bladder cancer , more than ten years before the diagnosis was made. A huge medical breakthrough study published on February 17 in the journal EBioMedicine.

The CIRC, headquartered in Lyon, specifies that this test detects mutations in TERT discomfort, the most frequent in the event of Cancer of the bladder. It could allow reduce the use of invasive tools and to “significantly” improve early detection of the disease, according to Dr. Florence Le Calvez-Kelm, researcher at IARC and one of the main authors of the study.

To carry out its research, the agency collaborated with several university partners, notably the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, which hadurine samples from some 50,000 Iranians.

These tests could screen high-risk subjects

The results showed that genetic mutations could be detected more than ten years earlier on 46.7% of the samples of patients who subsequently developed bladder cancer. These tests could be used to screen people at high risk for developing this cancer. This research must now be validated by other studies.

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Cross tapes: acupuncture without needles: lattice plasters promise pain relief

Regardless of whether it is hardened muscles or joint pain, tension in the head, shoulder and neck area or circulatory problems: grid plasters are designed to provide relief from any kind of complaints – and all without medication or other active substances. But how exactly does it work? According to the manufacturer, the self-adhesive cross tapes just glued to certain pain, acupuncture or trigger points. Because they stare grid paving are not elastic, they cannot stretch with the skin. When the affected area is moved, microscopic skin shifts occur. This in turn triggers minimal stimuli that are natural Self-healing process push our body forward.


Before you start using the Acupuncture patch start, there are a few points you should keep in mind. You can find out what these are as follows.

How do lattice plasters differ?

The lattice-shaped Cross tapes become one resistant, water-repellent and breathable material manufactured – such as polyester or polyurethane. There is a skin-friendly acrylic adhesive on the back, so that the acupuncture plasters stick to the skin for several days. Even if you take a shower, bath or swim with it. They are available in different colors and sizes, which are suitable for different body regions:

  • Size A is primarily intended for children, but can also be used on adults in the face area.
  • Size B is used for the treatment of bruises in older children as well as for inflamed areas of the body or joints. For adults, however, they are suitable everywhere on the body except on the face (size A) and on the joints (size C).
  • Size C. is said to provide relief for adults with muscle problems, joint and back problems.

Tip: There are also special cross tapes, too against mosquito bites should help. Here, too, without the use of drugs and pharmaceutical agents.


This video clearly explains how to correctly apply the cross tapes:


For whom are cross tapes not suitable?

Even if the grid pavement in a natural way have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, so they are not suitable for everyone. To date, there are no clinical tests available, but the cross tapes can cause undesirable skin reactions.

In this case, the patch should be removed immediately and the affected area cleaned. People with skin problems should stay away from it entirely. The same goes for those who are quick to hematomas tend.

You should also know that the grid plasters cannot always help with symptoms that last longer. It is always worth a try, but you should still see a doctor if the pain does not subside for a long time. But especially if you open wounds or have open areas on the body – the cross tapes must never be used here. This also applies to pregnant women: Around the belly button and on the lower leg, the grid plasters can cause contractions!

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