Scientists unveil the most complete and accurate map of Antarctica

The most detailed and accurate map of Antarctica to date. The researchers joined to create a high resolution map of the continent to monitor ice changes as climate change continues to threaten the region. (University of Minnesota) A team of researchers published the most accurate and detailed map of the created Antarctic terrain using high resolution satellite images. Called "Antarctic Lifting Model of the Antarctic" or REMA, the map has a resolution of about 8 meters or 26 feet to show all elevations in almost all the continent. REMA was the triumph of experts from the University of Minnesota and the State University of Ohio. Antarctica in High Resolution "So far, we had a better map of Mars than we had in Antarctica," said Ian Howat, a professor of Earth Sciences at Ohio State University. "Now it's the best mapped Earth on Earth." Antarctica is the driest and remote place on the planet. Before the REMA, the most accurate topographic map of the continent offered about a kilometer or about half a mile in altitude. Now, scientists know the height of all the mountains and ice of the South Pole. The new map was built using images taken from polar orbit satellites from space. From 2009 to 2017, the satellites and the team were collecting these images for the project. Ohio State University developed software that would process satellite imagery while researchers from the University of Minnesota put the map together using the Blue Waters supercomputer at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Monitoring of the ice melting rate "This is only the first step. We never dreamed that we can process this volume with such precision," added Morin. "Now, now we can repeat this process once and a half every year so that we can see the change over time." Because REMA can provide elevation throughout the continent, scientists want to use the new map to control the changes. in the ice due to the rapidly hot weather. A previous study published in Nature magazine predicted that Antarctica has already lost a total of 2.71 trillion metric tons of ice between 1992 and 2017. The investigation also found that the ice fusion rate accelerated to 219 gigatons per year in the last five years. They used ice mass balance satellite measurements to reach the annual ice loss rate. The South Pole has 90 percent of Earth's ice. If all those ice sheets melt, the sea would rise to 190 feet. Researchers at the University of Minnesota and Ohio State University expect scientists to also use REMA to plan trips to Antarctica. See now: 30 gadgets and technical gifts for Father's Day 2018 that your father will think are Rad ⓒ 2018 All rights reserved. Do not play without permission. .

4 shows the actions of the UAE

By: Mahmoud Jamal
Dubai – Mubasher: There are four main factors that will determine the course of the UAE markets during the week, with news of the effects of the recent sovereign decision on real estate in Abu Dhabi and the largest real estate company of the "Aldar" capital, in addition to the results Meeting of the Development Council of Emaar.
At the end of the session on Sunday, the general market index of Dubai rose 0.57% to 2842.67 points, while the Abu Dhabi index remained at 4,918.08 points.
"One of the main factors that contributed to the positive movement in the UAE markets is the return of the appetites of some of the investment portfolios, which were yesterday for small shares, among which is" Salameh "that will be acquired," said Issam Kasabiya, financial analyst at Minacorp Financial Services. The Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADGG) has a 30% stake.
He emphasized that the actions of "security" of the actions of the insurance sector, which became attractive levels, led to some investors capturing it under the positive news.
He pointed out that some of the main factors to determine the course of the markets are to see many results of the meeting of the Board of Directors of Emaar Development, which will be held next Wednesday on distributions of temporary cash.
He stressed that real estate actions and the Dubai Financial Market in a new date with recovery, especially in the case of approval of these distributions and that will return investors to real estate stocks, which have reached levels of decline.
He also stressed that any news about the possible merger between the National Union and the Commercial Bank of Abu Dhabi will transfer to the Stock Exchange of Abu Dhabi to continue the activity after being exposed to some of the pressures derived from the profit of the governor in the last sessions.
He noted that the sovereign decision of Aldar Properties and its subsidiaries and reflected in future profits will improve acquisitions in the real estate sector in the Abu Dhabi Emirate and in the state, which gives it strength and an expected recovery.
Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the inheritance prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy director of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces, issued a decree granting the property right of real estate in Abu Dhabi to companies owned by Dar Al-Akaria with polo Less than 50% of the capital, directly or indirectly,.
The Dubai financial market index rose 0.6% to 2843 points, while the Abu Dhabi stock exchange (ADX) reached its highest level in almost four years, the equivalent of 47 months, to slightly lower to 4918 points, which was expected to react rather than the actions of Dubai by the decision of "Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed."

Cheshire celebrates the opening of the new linear track section – Meriden Record-Journal

CHESHIRE: Children who grew up learning bicycles in the recent Farmington Heritage Channel Trail ten decades now can travel 34 kilometers uninterrupted with the presentation of the 0.8 mile deficit completed on Sunday. "I used to play there, so it's amazing to see this development," said Jeffrey Guimond, who grew close to the track in Cheshire. He is also one of the three co-owners of Ball and Socket Arts, a developing art center adjacent to the West Main Street track crossing. "It will really create a pedestrian downtown cultural and entertainment district," he said. "I think it will give more awareness to the neighborhood." Cheshire was one of the first cities to build part of the route in 1993 with the section of South Brooksvale Road to Cornwall Ave. Now it extends from New Haven to Westfield, Mass., With just a gap in Plainville, which is currently awaiting funding. "It was an attraction that attracted people from across the region here and throughout the state because many communities wanted to imitate what happened here," said former city director Michael Milone, who added that he was on his way to his wife At least five days a week since he retired earlier this year. "" Our greatest hope is that it will be an important catalyst for economic development. The whole idea was to bring people there. "The project was suspended for years after a nearby business filed a suit against the city to block the construction. The alignment of the route was subsequently modified, which required the construction of a concrete walkway on wetlands. It has parking and bathrooms at Railroad Avenue. Sundays ceremony also saw the dedication of a monumental garden in memory of Michaela Petit, who was killed in an invasion of Cheshire in 2007. "It's hard to put in words what it means. It gives a lot of joy to our family, "said Michaela's aunt Hanna Petit Chapman." It will be a good place to reflect. "" This is what transforms the state of Connecticut, "said James Redeker's Transportation Commissioner of Transportation, who led the effort to get state funding for much of the route. " It offers affordable transportation through walking and walking, improving the health and vibration of communities along the way. "According to Redeker, every dollar spent on routes returns $ 10 in commercial development and raised property values ​​along its path, making the $ 4 million project a strong investment." I think roads are a very critical asset for our communities. "Project manager Scott Bushee called his work on the" most exciting project "he did during his time in the Department of Transportation." It is very rewarding … and it affects the lives of so many people, "he said.

Death in the yard: While investigations are under way, the mood at Köthen is warming up

Death in the yard: While investigations are under way, the mood at Köthen is warming up

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After a dispute between two groups of men in Köthen in Saxony-Anhalt, a dead died of 22 years. Two Afghans, aged 18 years and 20, were arrested. The dead man was a German citizen. Few hours after the act spread, the city's mood could be warmer recently as in Chemnitz.

But a true rally at night was without great incidents. Approximately 2,500 people participated in the mythical one that night, which they called right-wing groups in social networks. Taking into account the experience of Chemnitz, the police prepared for protests and received reinforcements between, among others, Lower Saxony and Berlin. After a calm start, humor in the rally became more aggressive in the middle. "This is a day of mourning, but we will become angry," said a spokesman on Sunday night. "Resistance", "Eye for an Eye", "Tooth for a Tooth" and "We are the people" rang from the circle of participants. Others called the "lie." When an observer filmed the scene with a cell phone, someone pushed him. Police intervened quickly. With the end of the events, there were no incidents, the police said in Dessau on Monday morning. The victim died of acute heart failure. The 22-year-old died after police said acute heart failure. This was not "in direct causal connection with the injuries sustained," said the Saxony-Anhalt East police department on Sunday night with a view to the preliminary results of the autopsy. A court issued arrest warrants for Afghans on Sunday night under suspicion of serious injury. According to the "German central newspaper", the 22-year-old boy had a preexisting cardiovascular disease. An official confirmation for this did not exist at first. At the bottom of the event in the city, which has a good 26,000 inhabitants, and the procedures during the dispute at the end of Saturday, the night called the researchers without details and referred to the ongoing interrogation. Streit um Vaterschaft was a trigger after the dpa's information came to a playground for a dispute between several men. If you say that three men in Afghanistan have discussed first with a woman about who is pregnant. Then, the 22-year-old German and his brother should join, which is supposed to be a well-known Köthen right-wing extremist. In the end, the dead of 22 years was dead. Against the third man in Afghanistan, there is no suspicion, he was not arrested. The newspaper "Bild" reported, citing the pregnant woman involved in the dispute, that this by a friend first was called his former partner. So it was with this friend, the 18-year-old suspect, who arrived at the meeting at the playground. "He asked who the boy was and when I told him, he went to my friend and they beat up until my sister's boyfriend intervened, and we have my friend inside safe," the woman newspaper quotes. When he left the apartment, he saw how the 18-year-old woman's fatality came. When the 22-year-old boy fell, the 18-year-old boy continued to kick his head, according to the report's witness.

According to DPA information, the two Afghans met the police, one for several minor offenses and assault. One had a tolerance. The second must be deported, but this was due to ongoing investigations on ice. Koethen does not want to become a second prime minister of Chemnitz Saxony-Anhalt, Reiner Haseloff (CDU), warned against the instrumentalization of the case. "Despite all emotion, any attempt to refuse Köthen, as he says on the Internet, wants to make a second Chemnitz," he told DPA. At the beginning of the night, initially, about 200 people demonstrated against the right shaking. They followed the call of the left-wing policy of Henriette Quade and met in the city station. "Where the mafia is formed, we intervene," was the reading of the banners. Interior Minister Saxonia-Anhalt, Holger Stahlknecht, called for prudence. He had a complete understanding of the concern of the citizens, said the politician of the DCU of the DPA. The rule of law will use all means consistently, the courts and the police will determine in close coordination. "The tragic death of the boy is very close to me and deeply regrets what happened." 300 people in devotion The district administrator of Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Uwe Schulze (CDU), said: "We assume that German Constitutional State law we do not know exactly what has happened yet." The succession of Chemnitz and Köthen "is bad for us," he said. The federal government should consider how to design global migration. The Protestant Church Anhalt wants to collect in the gifts of Köthen for the burial of the victim. The collection started with a funeral on Sundays in the afternoon and would last for a few more days. About 300 people attended the service, including several politicians. "The death of a man is the worst time for instrumentalization," said church president Joachim Liebig. In Chemnitz, a 35-year-old German died two weeks ago. Two young men are in custody. According to their own information, they are from Syria and Iraq. Another suspect is known. Since then, there are always xenophobic and sometimes aggressive protests at Chemnitz. Thousands of people have expressed themselves against incitement and right tolerance since then. According to Maaßen: What do we know about the video that Germany is discussing?

Trump, Venezuela and the prospect of a coup d’etat

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Trump, Venezuela and the prospect of a coup (Ariana Cubillos) In April 2002, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was briefly deposed in an attempted coup d'état launched by army officers. But within 48 hours, Chávez returned to power with the help of generals and loyalists masses of supporters who marched on the streets in their defense. It came out later that the CIA was aware of the coup d'état, despite the vociferous negatives of the George W. Bush administration at the time. There were documented connections between Washington and the anti-government figures involved in abandoned suffocation. The specter of Yankee imperialism rose once again. Chavez, an ardent demagogue, made the son of revelations, linking his own baldness to a wider American legacy of dirty wars, electoral interference and military interventions. "Having such a government in the United States is a threat to the world," he said. Sixteen years later, it can be argued plausibly that the government that Chávez bequeathed to Venezuela is a threat to the world. Years of mismanagement and chronism have pushed the Venezuelan economy away, triggering hyperinflation and devastating shortage of food and medication. A hemispheric humanitarian disaster is now moving away Venezuela's neighbors, who are struggling to cope with the great influx of refugees fleeing hunger and depredation. 42 years ago, the Great Timonel of the Chinese Revolution, Mao Tse Tung, died. Leader of the Communist Party and 1st President of the People's Republic; His government dignified the peasant population. Mao left us a legacy of anti-imperialist struggle with the working class. We will win!– Nicolás Maduro (@ NicolasMaduro) September 9, 2018 For more than a year, analysts have suggested that Chavez's successor, Nicolás Maduro, could be vulnerable to a coup d'etat. Maduro and his allies resisted several attacks of renegade soldiers, including an attempt at apparent murder with an explosive-laden aircraft during a military parade last month. But instead of losing control of power, Maduro only hardened, purging the military ranks of possible threats and winning reelection in the votes largely considered fraudulent by the international community. All the time, he continues to accuse the external actors – mainly the United States – for the problems of his nation. And this weekend, he got even more fuel for his paranoia. According to my colleagues, Trump administration officials have met several times with the Venezuelan officials who claimed to be supporters of dissipation. Assistance for hidden help from Venezuelans was finally rejected, especially because Americans were not convinced by their pleas. "We had very little confidence in the ability of these people to do anything, no idea about who they represented and to what extent they have not been exposed anymore," said one official to my colleagues. But the new details, first reported by the New York Times, were more than enough for Maduro's government. "We denounce the intervention plans of the United States before the world and help the military conspirators against Venezuela." Jorge Arreaza tweeted, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela. The White House rushed to bear the speculation that he wants to intervene. In a statement, National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis said that "the United States government daily listens to the concerns of Venezuelans from all walks of life: they are members of the ruling party, security services, elements of civil society or among the millions of citizens forced by the regime to flee abroad. " The statement added: "The US policy of preference for a peaceful and orderly return to democracy in Venezuela remains unchanged." We condemn the conspiracy of the Trump coup when holding secret meetings with the Venezuelan military traitors to overthrow our brother. Nicolás Maduro. The free countries of Latin America will support and defeat other attacks of the Empire against peace and democracy in the region – Evo Morales Ayma (@evoespueblo) September 8, 2018 Of course, such a return is not in sight. President Trump, meanwhile, played the part of the American hegemony hectoring quite well. His administration included Venezuela among the mostly Muslim countries led by the Trump travel ban, closing the door to a desperate need. He published the "military option" for Venezuela: a rhetoric that sent mermaids to a continent that is too familiar with US interventions. And the reports indicate that Trump has floated the possibility of an invasion not only to its main advisors, but to leaders of other Latin American countries. But even there was such a successful adventure in the works, new revelations suggest Washington's allies on the ground would be sadly far from its depth. "The main request of military dealers was encrypted radios, which they planned to use to communicate between them to capture Mr. Maduro and his lieutenants," said the Times. "But the United States never granted the request and, after several meetings, the Venezuelans became frustrated. Mr. Maduro's government has already jailed dozens of conspirators, although many remain at stake." At a time of smart phones and encrypted applications, the request for radios reached other Venezuelan observers as absurd. "It's just another reminder that the army's youth, our putative saviors, are not only very, very criminals: they are also painfully stupid," wrote Francisco Toro of the Caracas Chronicles blog. "An argument that depends on people who operate in this level of sophistication will only fail. What obviously the Americans saw immediately." "It does not make sense to support a military coup in Latin America. They always end badly, but it's worth listening to these. people, "said Adam Isacson, from the Washington Office on Latin America, to The Post. "What is your level of discontent? Do they have broad support among the population or are they just a group of renegades? Do they have an honest plan to begin the elections? The military is a black box." The irony of the moment is that the self Trump is worn out on a dark path although his administration intrigues on how to confront a destructive and destabilizing regime in Venezuela. Trump blurted the threats to his rule, partly caused by an anonymous person who wrote a surprising change over how Trump Aides is protecting the country from the instincts of the president. "It is remarkable in its lack of value for values ​​and democratic institutions. And I think that is where some of the greatest damages are being made." Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) I told CNN Manu Raju last week. "Left on their own, our country would seem somewhat to Venezuela." Want an intelligent analysis of the most important news in your inbox every workday together with other global readings, ideas and interesting opinions to know? Sign up for the WorldView newsletter today. .

US researchers UU .: Feeling slept during the day can increase the chances of getting Alzheimer’s

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States have found that those who are asleep during the day are three times more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease than those who slept at night. An analysis of data extracted during a long-term study of older adults reported that those who reported feeling during the day were three times more likely than those who did not have amyloid cerebral deposits, the mark of Alzheimer's disease. The results published in Sleep magazine, Evidence that the dream is weak, "This type of dementia should promote development, which suggests that sleeping enough at night may be a way to help prevent Alzheimer's disease," said Dr. Adam Spira, a professor of sleep disorders at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. A wide variety of factors such as diet, exercise and cognitive activity as potential targets for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, but the dream has not risen to this level, although this can change "adding." If the disturbed sleep contributes to Alzheimer's disease, we can treat patients suffering from sleep problems to avoid these negative consequences. "The study, based on data from the Baltimore Aging Study (BLSA), a long-term study that began In 1958, it tracked the health of thousands of volunteers as they grew older. The results showed that those who reported drowsiness during the day were three times more likely to have beta amyloid than those who did not report fatigue during the day and after adjusting these factors , the risk was still 2.75 times higher in those who were sleepy during the day. Based on previous research, the most likely explanation is that sleep is disturbed or inadequate due to other factors Causes plaque formation (beta amyloid) through When these sleep disorders also cause excessive sleepiness during the day.

That is why Perchtold extended his contract to Schalke


That is why Perchtold extended his contract to Schalke

Christoph Winkel and Thomas Tartemann

09.09.2018 at 07:39 p.m.

Assistant coach Schalke Peter Perchtold (on the left) spoke with coach Domenico Tedesco.
Photo: Firó

Gelsenkirchen. When Christian Heidel talks about Coach coach Peter Perchtold, Schalke manager falls into abatids. "Peter Perchtold works with confidence and competence with everyone. Starting with coach Domenico Tedesco, of course, in the club together. It is the ideal occupation of co-coach in the professional department coach team."
Therefore, it was only logical that Heidel expanded the contract with the 34-year-old prematurely until June 30, 2021. Domenico Tedesco had signed up in Schalke in mid-August to June 2022. "This is already related to each other. I am happy to that worked, "says Perchtold. "The coach team works a lot together. We understand each other well and that is why we expand our contracts." The long-term talks on Schalke were already held at the end of last season.

The fact that Domenico Tedesco, who says that Perchtold was "immediately at the same wavelength" with him, received a contract offer that dates back another year, does not annoy the native of Nuremberg. Instead: "In both cases, it's a reasonable period in which we can not complain about the coach's point of view. We plan together in the long run," explains Perchtold.
Do not worry after two defeats
After last season, Schalke finished in second place and with the qualification for the Champions League, at the moment he is not very good sport. At the beginning of the season, there were two defeats in the Bundesliga. Schalke lost 1-1 on VfL Wolfsburg and the game against Hertha BSC lost 2-0 to Schalke last week.
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Panic, which after a strong bear's season could have been a lost year, but no one about Schalke. Co-coach Peter Perchtold certainly does not: "We are definitely not happy, but there were passages in much of the two games, which we thought was reasonable, even with the ball."
The team of players has been manageable since last Monday. Many Schalke professionals currently travel with their national teams. However, this does not prevent the coach team from working with the players who stayed in Schalke in a highly concentrated manner. Right at the beginning of the week, two double shifts are planned. There will be two training sessions on Monday and Tuesday. Let's spend the weekend without training on Monday at 10:30.
Of course, players that play in their national teams are under the careful observation of Tedesco and Perchtold. "If our players are traveling, of course we have an overview," says Perchtold, who waits for many minutes of use of his players and, of course, good results. "If young people come back with their self-esteem, that's a positive story for us."
On Saturday at Mönchengladbach
Next Saturday Schalke will again be required in the Bundesliga, the opponent is Borussia Mönchengladbach. The beginning of the Borussia-Park at 18.30. After starting the zero points, Schalke wants to change things. "It is about creating stable and courageous defensive behavior of grief with positive experiences and gaining confidence in oneself," says Perchtold. A good idea. Because a week later, FC Bayern Munich enters the area.


Great blow for Bodyguard fans

In a surprising story episode, the BBC's night show last night revealed that Montague apparently died of his injuries in the bomb blast that ended last week's episode. His stirred guardian and lover David Budd, played by Richard Madden, contemplated firing after listening to the news of his death, but he changed his mind when a murder was launched. At the end of the episode, he suspects he has some involvement in the attack. The shocking gesture left the spectators disconcerted about how the tense political thriller will continue, with critics who assume that the last two episodes will center on the killer's hunts. The writer of Bodyguard, Jed Mercurio, is known for killing popular characters to accelerate dramatic tension. The character of Hawes, DCI Lindsay Denton, was also sacrificed in the series of another series Line Of Duty. Budd has already been shown to hide dark secrets. The veteran of Afghanistan has silently turned the police on his post-traumatic stress disorder in order to be promoted to a personal protection officer for the Home Secretary. Despite his love scenes, it is unclear whether Budd really cared for or wanted to kill the politicians who sent troops to die in Iraq and Afghanistan. "The premise of the show is that we are not" I do not know much about their motivations, "said Mercury." It would seem to be a very respected and highly competent personal protection officer. "But the idea is that, instead of protecting her, she may be involved in some conspiracy to hurt her." Hawes joked that dragging around the heavy ministerial red box was enough of work to get in shape by its scenes of love. He said: "Someone decided that our version should be made of solid wood." I swear that my biceps have grown. "However, as with all television dramas, who knows if your character really was dead or will he come later?

Antarctica was mapped with precision and with surprising details for the first time

Antarctica has the most detailed map of any part of the world
Researchers from the Ohio State University and the University of Minnesota have come together and have created the most detailed map of the land of Antarctica so far. Called the Antarctic Reference Lift Model (REMA), this map is not just the map of high resolution Antarctic ice shelves, it is the most detailed map of the terrain of any continent on the planet.
This map, according to a report presented by the universities, has a resolution of two to eight meters, which is quite remarkable, since most previous maps have a resolution of about 1,000 meters.
"It is the high resolution terrain map away from any continent," said Ian Howat, a professor of Earth Sciences and director of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center at The Ohio State University. "So far, we had a better map of Mars than we had in Antarctica. Now it's the best mapped continent."
Howat led the mapping project and he says that this continent's image data will change the way the research is done there, more because it continues to be updated.
The comparison between the previously available surface images (left) and REMA (right) shows a dramatic improvement at the State University of Ohoio
To this resolution, he says, almost everything can be seen. Even the variations in the snow are clear. "We can measure changes in the surface of the continent over time."
As the map is updated, changes in snow cover and changes in the ice movement can be easily studied, he said. River discharge, levels of flood and volcanic activity. "It will be possible to really see the thinning of the glaciers."
As for how much data will require a map like this, the files occupy about 150 TB of space, which are 150,000 GB of storage, says the launch. Using this map, it is possible that scientists can plan trips on the ground in advance, according to the launch. There are no roads in the Antarctic sites, therefore, a map like this would be practical.
"We had to start from scratch to build it. The software had to filter the data, process it and convert it into a refined product so that the broader scientific community uses it," said Howatt. The image data, note the launch, came from the constellation of polar orbit satellites that passed through Antarctica regions to repeatedly photograph, at least 10 times by satellite.


Pride! A Colombian has become one of the most expensive companies in history

The vineyard is the most prestigious in Pomerol, one of the designations of origin of the Bordeaux region (southwest of France) and extends for 11.5 hectares. It would be valued at more than 1,000 million euros, according to the newspaper Les Echos.
"This is the most expensive operation per hectare in history, which would have been carried out with all discretion in Bordeaux," estimates the publication Revue du Vin de France, which revealed the purchase.
A relative from the Moueix family, without specifying the amount of operation carried out over a year ago, said that "the two families have met for a long time. This financial transaction gives us the opportunity to invest in other European vineyards. It is a very long-term partnership ".
According to Forbes, 41-year-old Colombian-American living in New York is number 499 in the world's billionaire list in 2018, with an estimated fortune of about $ 3.9 billion.
The Moueix family owns Chateau Petrus, which produces about 30,000 bottles per year, as well as the Duclot group, a wine merchant in Bordeaux since 1886.
For the director of the Wine & Spirits Academy of Kedge in Bordeaux, Jeremy Cukierman, "price escalation (in the wine sector) seems unfortunately confirmed." "Recently, there were operations of that draft in Burgundy with the Clos de Tart and the dominion of Martray, which amounted to several hundred million euros," he added.
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"These transactions (…) become commonplace and, therefore, are a reference for subsequent transactions and this affects the rights of succession and the prices of wines," said Cukierman.
The costs of the operation can be so high that the heirs of the vineyards that wish to renew the farm have no way of doing so, unlike the rich businessmen.
In the case of Petrus, who only sells 20% of the domain, is different. "The operations of a part of the assets have as general purpose recapitalize to the companies in difficulty".