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Pakistan National Assembly: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan wins no-confidence vote

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has won a no-confidence vote in the National Assembly of Pakistan on Saturday. Imran Khan’s victory came as opposition parties called for a boycott of the polls. The finance minister, who had participated in the previous Senate elections, had failed miserably. But with the victory of the confidence vote, the Imran Khan government was able to regain its pride.

Imran Khan won 178 votes in the lower house of parliament with 342 members. The vote was led by President Arif Alawi. Imran Khan with 172 votesImran Khan) Won by 178 votes.

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The vote was held in the absence of opposition parties. The main opposition is Pakistan (Pakistan) The no-confidence motion was taken without the presence of the opposition following the boycott of the Democratic Movement vote. Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh lost the Senate election. Following this, Imran Khan introduced a vote of confidence and decided to face a referendum.

But even as the finance minister lost the election on Wednesday, the Pakistan Democratic Movement, a coalition of 11 opposition parties, joined the former cricket (Cricket) Had demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister who was a player. But unprepared, the prime minister decided to face a no-confidence vote.

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In the lower house of 342, a total of 172 votes are needed for a majority. When the ruling party began to rule, it had a strength of 181 members. But after the resignation of Faisal Wauda, ​​it increased to 180. The opposition has only 160 members. A seat is vacant with no one.

The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf had a total of 157 members in the National Assembly. But with the resignation of Faisal Wauda, ​​it became 156. Although the ruling party says Faisal Wauda has the right to vote as his resignation has not yet been accepted. The opposition demanded that he not be allowed to vote. So Faisal did not register to vote.

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On Friday, a meeting of parliamentary parties was held at the Prime Minister’s House, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan. At that meeting, the ruling party was told to vote for the prime minister or else he would be expelled from the ruling party. According to a cabinet member, 175 cabinet members attended the meeting at the Prime Minister’s House.

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