Pakistan PM puts police on suspension in the murder of the child


PESHAWAR / ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has suspended the police because of being slowly investigating abduction and murdering a 10-year-old girl in a case where the t -summer national, said minister Thursday.

The family of the girl killed, Farishta, says they reported missing on 15 May but the police in the capital, Islamabad, refused to investigate the case or register a missing persons report for five days.

Farishta was found on Monday but his family, ethnic Pashtuns, spoke against the officers, alleging that police are treating them “like animals”. Among Farishta's suspicions raped before he was killed, many Pakistan canceled their anger under the hashtag of social media #JusticeForFarishta.

The powerful Pakistani military on Thursday also helped to settle a case that caused the 208 million people who were deeply conservative.

Firdous Ashiq, de facto Khan's information minister, said that the main conversation took place with the case and he ordered the officers to be suspended.

“I assure you that the people giving rise to the task will be accepted and an example given to those who were not fulfilling their duties,” Ashiq told reporters.

The treatment of the Farishta family was angry with some members of the Pashtun community, who said that the family was discriminated against on the basis of their ethnic background as they come from so-called “tribal regions” in Afghanistan.

“The police are responsible for their murder because they were unable to get into the police station when my sister went missing in the evening on 15 May, Farishta's brother Abdul Qayum, told Reuters.

Farishta's father told the BBC that the police had entrusted him with tasks around the police stations for a number of days, including cleaning their offices and giving them fruit for their dinner.

Pakistan's military said on Thursday that those who killed Farishta would have to “be taken to court”.

“The Union is ready to provide any support in this regard. We need to rise and participate in protecting our future generations from disparaging and disturbing aspects that vulnerable children believe, ”the military spokesman General Asif Ghafoor tweeted.

The police officers could not be suspended.

Ashiq said that “an eye opener” was the case for the government.

“It also shows how our social challenges have increased,” she said.

Reporting by Jibran Ahmad and Asif Shahzad; write by Drazen Jorgic; editing by Nick Macfie

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