Palazzo Chigi: Earl-ministers at work for ok hours by decree Relaunch – Politics

“President Conte, the ministers and the majority forces are working tirelessly, confronting each other constructively and in a spirit of team spirit, with one goal: to give the green light to a solid network of support, aid and investments in the next few hours. protection of citizens, families and businesses facing an unprecedented crisis “. You can read it in a note from the Prime Minister referring to the relaunch dl.

In the meantime, the Council of Ministers has not yet been called to launch the 55 billion maxi maneuver, which was supposed yesterday for this afternoon: the times will also depend on the progress of the pre-CDM works.

“The government listen to us, it could skip the delivery of essential services. We would not like to find ourselves managing “dangerous gatherings” of waste along the streets of our cities “. They write it in a letter addressed to the President of the Conte Council, the president of the ANCI, the delegate for local finance, the mayors of the metropolitan cities and all the presidents of the regional ANCI, representing the entire category of Italian mayors.