Palmer and Merz want to protect companies

Corona numbers remain very high

As of today, the stricter corona rules apply throughout Germany, the new infections are still extremely high and in the midst of this situation Boris Palmer (Greens) and Friedrich Merz (CDU) are calling for an end to the lockdown. In our video you can see how the virologist and laboratory manager of the IMD Labor Frankfurt, Dr. Martin Stürmer, assesses the current situation and what he thinks about easing at Easter.

“I am particularly concerned about the small and medium-sized enterprises”

“It’s enough now. At the beginning of February we have to open again in a controlled manner. We also have to live,” said the Green politician to “Bild”. “In my opinion, however, the damage to the economy, to society, is now increasing exponentially. Downtown retail is already in intensive care and will soon fall into a coma. The bankruptcies will roll in. I mean, we won’t hold out.”

The CDU economic politician Friedrich Merz has called for a quick end to the lockdown for small and medium-sized companies. The candidate for the CDU party chairmanship says “Bild”: “For many small companies, the point has already been reached where things cannot go on. I am particularly concerned about the small and medium-sized companies. They have to get out of lockdown as quickly as possible, if possible quickly back to normal management with a hygiene concept. “

With these positions, however, the two politicians are outnumbered. Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow spoke out in drastic words against calls for easing of the corona pandemic. “We just have to face the fact that the virus is only now beginning to really pick up speed,” said the left-wing politician on Sunday evening in the ZDF “heute journal”. “I notice that my hut is on fire in Thuringia. Today is a bad day for me. Because today we have exceeded the 300 incidence in all of Thuringia, and all rural districts and independent cities have exceeded 200. It is none More space for easing and the easing to easing debate. “

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The SPD politician Karl Lauterbach considers a tightening of the lockdown to be possible. If necessary, economic life would have to be shut down drastically. “In what we did, we concentrated very much on the private and the schools. If that is not enough, then we actually have to approach the companies,” he told the Tagesspiegel. “It simply won’t work any other way.”

The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) told the partner newspapers of the Neue Berliner Redaktionsgesellschaft: “If you relax too early, you run the risk of things going up steeply afterwards. We need patience and caution.” His hope is that the lockdown and the progressive vaccinations will ease the situation. “But if the mutant virus discovered in the UK spreads any further, times will get more serious.”


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