Panasonic sold its entire stake in Tesla, making incredible money

Panasonic, a major battery supplier to Tesla, has sold its entire stake in the company. He earned decently.

Tesla has been purchasing battery cells from the Japanese company Panasonic for a long time. It then assembles modules for batteries for its electric cars.
foto: Panasonic/Tesla

Panasonic invested in Tesla in the very beginning, in 2010. This was at a time when Tesla had concluded a contract with a Japanese battery manufacturer for the supply of batteries for its new upcoming electric vehicles Tesla Model S.

At that time, few people believed in electromobility, and for Panasonic it was a step into the unknown. With her share in Tesla, she wanted to “insure” the entire business, so to speak. But in the meantime, Tesla has grown into a much larger company than Panasonic itself.

And electric cars are slowly breaking into the mainsteram. Today, there is no carmaker that does not try to secure enough batteries for the future production of electric cars. Either through suppliers or by building our own factories.

Panasonic originally bought its stake in Tesla for $ 30 million, according to the latest information already sold in March this year, allegedly for $ 3.6 billion, making more than a hundredfold profit.


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