Panfilov explained how to shoot candid scenes in the series “Sweet Life”

Nikita Panfilov is one of those actors whose image is not forgotten. It is quite difficult to get a thoughtful squint of his eyes and a frivolous grin out of his head. That is how the viewer saw him in the cult dramatic story “Sweet Life”. And no longer forgets.

Since June 29, a bold series about the life of a generation of 30-year-olds starts on TNT. The project has already managed to win the love of millions of viewers.

Why is this story so catchy, why there are so many bed scenes in the frame and whether there will be a new season of the series – one of the main characters of the series, actor Nikita Panfilov, told in an exclusive interview about all this.

Nikita Panfilov admits that the project hooked him with his courage
Photo: TNT

– What personally hooked you on the project “Sweet Life”? Why is it worth a look?

– Hooked up courage for that time. It was one of the first such projects, the first in our market. When the pilot was launched, they were afraid that they would not show him at all, and they would make them outcasts for that.

Well, I liked the character himself. In my opinion, he is the only person in the series who does not lie to anyone. Yes, it behaves immorally, but does not deceive anyone and does not promise anything.

During the filming of intimate scenes there must be a mystery, otherwise everything will slide into pornography Photo: TNT

– The series is quite frank and a lot of bed scenes. How do you feel about such filming?

– It’s always interesting for me to try something new and unexpected, moreover, in everything. That was the first time in the cinema, and I wanted to try what it was like.

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Most of the time in the series I generally spend without clothes. But … Undressing when 52 people are behind the camera for the first time was hellishly difficult. This in the series it seems that I am standing alone, but in fact everything is not so.

Bed scenes in films are shot very carefully: actor Nikita Panfilov Photo: TNT

– And how does all this happen? Does feeling of oppression end in the end?

– As for the technical side, the boys just do not show anything. and the girls «stick up».

I’m not joking, there are special devices that are used to wind up, like with adhesive tape. This is art, when there seems to be nothing, but everyone sees the opposite, the result is intimate scenes.

But again, I repeat, everything is so prim and veiled on the site that you do not believe in the result, but everything turns out to be even very believable.

– How were the relationships on the site between the actors? Were there any conflicts or maybe, on the contrary, warm friendly relations have been established?

– With Anton Denisenko, we generally had the only joint scene for the entire series, and now he is one of my best friends.

Relations on the project were family, rarely when so. In tandem, something good is always born, sometimes even beautiful. Once there was a skirmish with Mayakin, but in the evening we ran and reconciled.

Nikita Panfilov admits that he would like to star in the new season and hopes that there will be less bed scenes Photo: TNT

– Did the pandemic affect your workflow? What do you think about the forecasts of the second wave?

– It affected everyone, the whole world suffered. The cinema and theater business fell into a stupor, and I was completely devoted to household, kitchen garden, home, basement. Planed, sawed, planted, watered. In the fall, I will probably reap the fruits of all this.

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The time is complicated, nervous, when people are checked who and what are standing, and what are you standing for yourself. May God grant us the second wave will pass, which, if it happens, will be stronger than the first and not all will survive it.

– In which projects will we see Nikita Panfilov in the near future?

– Now I am starring in the series “Dog” in the sixth season. Soon the “Presumption of Innocence” and another project “Reckless” will be released.

“Sweet Life”, from Monday to Thursday at 21:00 on TNT


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