Paola Félix has to give an explanation about the wedding: Sheinbaum

After announcing the wedding the director of the Mixed Fund for Tourism Promotion of Mexico City, Paola Felix with Jorge Rizo Oñate, in the San Agustín church, Polanco, despite the fact that these activities are not allowed at a red light by Covid-19, the head of government, Claudia SheinbaumHe commented that she has to give explanations.

“Everyone has to assume their responsibility in that case, and we are going to talk with the director to find out exactly what happened and that she can give the public explanation that she has to give,” he said.

Although there are no penalties for officials for carrying out an activity that is not allowed during the health emergency due to Covid-19, the Head of Government stressed that Felix must explain to the public, because that is an obligation as a civil servant.

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“I did not have the information, I gladly review what happened, I did not even know that she was married, but I see it and talk to her so that she can give public explanations and if she did something wrong,” he said.

The capital president stated that in case it is identified that influentialism was used in this case, there must be a sanction.

“Well, it has to be sanctioned, it has to enter the Comptroller GeneralBut you have to see what explanation she has, what happened and she has to give a public explanation, “he stressed.

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