Paolo Guerrero calls for the resignation of coup leader Manuel Merino after deaths and injuries in the National March Minister Antero Flores Araoz

Paolo Guerrero This time, he was decisive about the political crisis our country is experiencing, after the coup carried out by the Congress that led to Manuel Merino to the presidential chair.

The captain of the Peruvian Selection It did not tolerate what happened yesterday in the national marches against Merino, where two of our compatriots were murdered. The ‘Predator’ asked for the resignation of Manuel Merino.

“I am very shocked by everything that is happening in my country. Everything that politics in Peru can cause. Really, some years ago I thought that all this would be fixed and that we would be a country on the way to being better. Today we feel everything this political disorder and we regret the loss of human lives, missing persons, many injured people, “said the footballer.

In addition, he added: “Who is responsible for this? Now who will put his face and say that everything will be fine? Who will bring these brave young people back to life? Everything that these politicians have caused. Afterwards from yesterday, there is no way that you politicians can be calm. ”

On the other hand, Guerrero was emphatic in calling for the departure of all the politicians: “Go all at once, please. Look at what they have caused, look at all these tragedies and losses of so many compatriots, of my Peruvian brothers. What a pity to see all this. Get out now! Get out of the country that doesn’t do you any good! “

Finally, he commented on Manuel Merino: “Quit Merino now, realize! Merino, you are not my president, this Congress does not represent me.”


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