Papa van Kaïs (4): “Our great hero is stable, but the stri … (Brussels)

Brussels –

“Kaïs, our greatest hero, is now stable”. So says the father of the little boy who became infected with the corona virus, and has been in an artificial coma in Brussels for days.

“Kaïs, our greatest hero of all, is still bravely fighting COVID-19. He is stable and there is a general improvement in all his vital functions, ”says father Grégory Chaudy on Facebook. But the fight is not over yet. It will take time for his little heart and for the other organs to heal from the disease. We pray that no complications arise. ”

A week earlier, Kaïs became ill. He got a fever of up to 40 degrees. In the hospital it turned out that Kaïs was infected with the corona virus, but also that this had led to it pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome (PIMS). The immune system of the child is thereby attacked.

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It was the father who brought out the story of his child: “I want all parents in our country to know that this can happen to any healthy child. I urge everyone to be extra careful. ”


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