'Paquita Salas' will return to Netflix on June 28 with a new intro sung by Isabel Pantoja. Deia, News from Bizkaia


The third season of 'Paquita Salas' will arrive on Netflix next June 28 and the six new episodes of the series, created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrosi, will premiere with a new title sung by Isabel Pantoja.

MADRID. Next to the release date, Netflix has revealed what will be the new intro of the series. This time, the musical theme is played by Isabel Pantoja, according to the musician and composer Luis Cobos. The animated introduction has been carried out by Ignasi Monreal, in charge of the illustration of it.

After the end of the second season, in which Paquita dismantled her talent agency, the representative returns after her retirement and will have to face the world of influencers and the short film. Both she and other characters will seek to reinvent themselves, something increasingly difficult.

Paquita Salas has in her cast with Brays Efe, Belén Cuesta or Anna Castillo, whom Terelu Campos has joined in this third season. The series is a production of Apache Films, and its first two installments are available on Netflix.


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