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Paralympics without pause – New Spain

by drbyos

In many ways, the Paralympic Games are always under the influence of its older brother, who attracts the world’s attention every four years. But the postponement of the Tokyo edition to 2021 has served to check the responsiveness of the Spanish Paralympic Committee. During the first week of the state of alarm, almost a hundred athletes classified for the event received material in their homes so that the break affected them as little as possible. This is the case of the Asturian athlete Alberto Suárez Laso, who won a gold medal in London 2012 and a silver medal in Rio 2016 in the marathon, who already has an elliptical in his living room in Oviedo.

“It is quite big and it took a lot of work to climb it,” explains Suárez Laso, delighted with a machine that makes the situation more bearable: “Before I got there, I went up and down the stairs of the building, but it was very difficult to keep up the tone. muscular. We always associate the elliptical with injuries because it allows to simulate the race, but without impact “. In any case, he misses going out for a run: “Nothing can replace your natural stride and keep your running pace. That, after a few days standing still, is lost.”

“We were about to complete a work cycle. And we are going to lose it no matter how much elliptical it does,” reflects the athlete, who spent a few days of uncertainty until the postponement of the Games was announced: “The problem was that we did not know if the rivals were training or not. And that was unfair because the motto of the Olympic Games is equality between all athletes. “

For Alberto Suárez Laso (Riosa, December 19, 1977) it was very important to be able to properly prepare the appointment and the postponement, so he supports a postponement that will bring him to Tokyo on his 44th birthday: “A few months or so no They are too much, especially for long-distance runners. What we need is for them to set a date to plan better. “

At the moment, Suárez Laso complies with the weekly work plan sent by his coach, Chus Castaño, at home: “I do an hour and a half session in the morning and the same in the afternoon. I have to maintain a discipline because I really like to eat and the kilos come right away. ” Castaño clarifies that “now the objective is to maintain strength. Aerobic work will come later.” The coach also hopes to know soon the new date of the Games to develop a plan that allows Suarez Laso to hang his third Paralympic medal.

Like his pupil, Chus Castaño would not look down on some Games in spring “because there will be less heat than in summer”. Both hope to return to a certain normality in two weeks, but in the meantime it is time to maintain the physical tone at home, in addition to looking for other entertainments, as Suárez Laso explains: “I play Parcheesi and cards with my family. I also watch series of all the platforms. I go shopping every two or three days. Between some things and others, when you realize it is time to go to bed. “


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