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Paris Saint-Germain humiliates OL and qualifies for the quarter-finals!

Olympique Lyonnais and Paris Saint-Germain never leave each other. On February 9 at the Parc des Princes, the two French clubs met in Ligue 1 Conforama. A meeting rich in goals that turned to the advantage of the capital club (4-2). In a few days, on March 4, Lyon and Paris will meet at Groupama Stadium this time. A match that will be crucial since it will allow the winner to qualify for the final of the Coupe de France. In addition to crossing paths with the pros, OL and PSG clashed this Saturday among the youngsters on behalf of the round of 16 Gambardella Cup. A shock that attracted many supporters and / or spectators to the Groupama OL Training Center, which was sold out for the occasion. Under the eyes of a few professional players present at the training center, like Denayer, Aouar, Dembélé, Gouiri, Caqueret or Jean Lucas, the Lyonnais took control of the match from the start.

From the 1st, Wissa, served at the first post, worried the Parisians. The Parisians were trying to react by Mutombo, who was profiting from a ball loss from OL, to send a shot from the right. This was largely above the frame (4th). Following a good pass from Kays Ruiz, Mutombo stared into the box before trying to serve Kalimuendo, who was too short (6th). After suffering two clear chances, Lyon were trying to start again with Florent Da Silva (9th, strike from the right). But the locals conceded a goal. Shifted to the left, Larkeche was talking about his speed and centered towards Mutombo which was picking up well. If his strike was slightly deflected by an opponent, it would end up in the back of the net. PSG opened the scoring (0-1, 12th). Led, OL reacted with Rayan Cherki, who chained dribbles like shots. More sharp, the Gones quickly equalized. After a center perfectly kicked by Melih Altikulac, Sekou Lega placed a furious and winning head (16th).

Lyon was quickly reduced to ten after the expulsion of Lukeba

However, Lyon was not out of the woods. After catching a Parisian just before entering the area, Lukeba was expelled to the Lyon side (17th). PSG took advantage and scored on a free kick thanks to Kays Ruiz (1-2, 19th). Reduced to 10, the Lyonnais had to redouble their efforts. Éric Hely took out Barcola and brought in Lomami (20th). More enterprising, visitors drove the point home. Served at the penalty point by Pembele, Larkeche tripled the stake while his shot was slightly deflected (1-3, 25th). Exceeded defensively, OL did not admit defeating Cherki (free kick 28th), was particularly feared by the Parisians who multiplied the faults on him. The boxes were raining. Like their opponents, the Gones were also tense with the image of Wissa (yellow card, 38th). Nevertheless, they pushed to return with the untenable Cherki, whose free kick passed a few centimeters from the frame (44 ‘). But they didn’t make it before the break (1-3).

Returning from the locker room, OL, despite their numerical inferiority, tried to show a more conquering and aggressive face. But the Gones multiplied the approximations and the bad choices, like Wissa, who persisted in passing in the center against five adversaries. Opposite, Paris remained on the same line of conduct and was keen to put percussion and rhythm in its game while provoking. And after a Lyon foul at the entrance to the surface, Aouchiche took the free kick and forced Ousmane to divert the ball which went straight to the goal (60th). In the process, Lyon retaliated with Lega, whose powerful strike razed the post of Franchi (61st). Launched in depth, Kalimuendo, in the duel with Commaret and Felix, resisted perfectly and deceived Ousmane (1-4, 70th). Kalimuendo, served by Larkeche, scored twice in the 84th and entered OL (1-5). Even if PSG was not far from scoring a last goal with Nagera who stumbled on a solid Ousmane on his line, the score did not change and Paris Saint-Germain logically won 5 to 1. The club of Capitale therefore eliminated OL and raced in the 1/4 final of the Gambardella Cup.

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